Beach and Donuts

One of the things I love about The H Family is how they don’t fret when their kids get down and dirty because… hey, they’re kids and that’s how they play!  Add to that, Dave and Winnie get down and dirty too because they all play together.

To me, being amazing parents isn’t about saying “yes” all the time, buying their children the latest in electronics and toys, or policing them every minute.  It’s about knowing how to keep the important things in balance… and teaching them — by example — how to lead healthy, happy lives.  And that’s what Dave and Winnie do with their children.  They’re so humble that I’m sure they will say I’m exaggerating, but certain parents I bow down to.



San-Franciso-lifestyle-photography-palm-tree-and-moon-in-sky  San-Franciso-lifestyle-photography-beachside-plants





San-Franciso-lifestyle-photography-small-bird-waiting-for-donut-crumbs  San-Franciso-lifestyle-photography-bike-and-shadow-near-waterfront-cafe


San-Franciso-lifestyle-children-photography-girl-peeking-through-donut-hole  San-Franciso-lifestyle-couple-photography-man-kissing-wife-by-waterfront


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  1. Winnie

    Annie, I really appreciate your detail/scenic photos on this shoot – they really make me feel like I am reliving the day! It’s like all the things I want to remember about going to the beach with my family.