Embracing Lines

Have you ever noticed how many LINES there are at the playground?

From years of shooting, I — regardless of whether I want to or not (haha) — notice lines, patterns, light and shadows wherever I go.  If you see me checking my watch, it’s most likely because I am memorizing the time I should shoot in that location because I like the light!  If you see me squatting down, it’s probably because I noticed that a lower perspective changes the lines of something I’m looking at, or I like the way the light hits something from that angle!

Sure, that’s a little wacky, but as one of my favorite cartoon characters would say:  I yam who I yam! 

That brings me to my periodic quick tip!

Look out for lines.  Embrace them in your photography.  Once you really, truly notice them, find ways you can incorporate them into your photograph.

This can be at any location, but during a recent shoot, we stopped by the park’s playground for the last half hour or so.  It was really fun to let the kids run around, and everywhere, I saw lines, patterns, and light.

Below are some examples.







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  1. I'm a big fan of Doc. Martens! And of yours, Ivania. 🙂 Maybe if I can find this magical shoe polish lip balm I'll become a fan of it too! 🙂 Thanks for the remoacendmtion! 🙂 By the way, are those Docs made in China? I'm just wondering if you can still buy made in England Docs anywhere nowadays.

  2. AFAIC that’s the best answer so far!

  3. I love it, Marcus. Most of us are so worried about being stuck on a treadmill that we don’t stop and realize what we can take from it…in your case strength and manliness, for others a livelihood, empathy, humor, perspective…