Love Is…

When I started my photography business 10 years ago, I thought my job as a Lifestyle Family Photographer was to capture the family’s story.

I was wrong.

I am not capturing any story; I am capturing the family’s definition of Love.

If you ask people to finish the sentence “Love is….”, the variety of answers will probably surprise you.  Love can be physical affection to some — the kisses and embraces they give and receive.  Love can be the unwavering support they receive when life feels uncertain.  Love can be lifting someone higher when they’re soaring and holding their hand when they fall.  Love can be many things.

Last weekend, I photographed The K Family’s “Love is”…





San-Francisco-lifestyle-family-photography-family-standing-in-mist-2  San-Francisco-lifestyle-photography-white-flower-bush



San-Francisco-lifestyle-baby-photography-top-of-baby-hair  San-Francisco-lifestyle-photography-wispy-green-grass-closeup




[If you want to see how The K Family’s “Love Is…” has changed through the years, check out their first shoot, or this one, ooh or this one, or whoa – I almost forgot THIS one!]

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