“Eye” Do

When you are at Optometry School at UC Berkeley and a professor announces that two people in that room will get married, you don’t think he’s serious — and in the slight chance he is serious, you don’t think that would be you.

But it is.

So you say “eye” do (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) with your grad school sweetheart, have two kids, and return for a family shoot in Cal colors, of course!  ❤️

It is always fun to visit my alma mater, but to do it with nice, cool people and their kids who love me…. it makes me run-dance to meet them and skip back to my car when we were done.  Thankfully, at Cal, no one even noticed!  haha


East-Bay-lifestyle-children-photography-boy-sitting-on-ledge-while-little-brother-walks-over  East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-green-plant




East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-cafe-strada-berkeley-sign  East-Bay-lifestyle-family-photography-greenware-cup-of-iced-tea






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  1. Sara

    We had such a fun time with you, Annie! My kids absolutely adore you. And we LOVE these pictures. Thank you for capturing us at the place where it all began :) Go Bears!!

    • It was MY pleasure, Sara! I had so much fun at Cal with you and your family. I already miss your boys too! :)

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