When Your Heart is Full

When your heart is full, you allow yourself to feel a wider array of emotions — and you approach life with more confidence because you know everything isn’t always perfect, but everything is the way it is supposed to be.  Man, I should’ve been a philosopher!  ;)

Tim and Jennifer seem this way to me.

Their photoshoots are always filled with emotion that make me want to find reason to hang out with them even longer just to be around that kind of energy.  Even when there is no activity and everyone is calm, there is tenderness and love radiating from them.  It really is beautiful to see and photograph.


Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-kids-running-to-hug-mom-in-garden-1  Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-kids-running-to-hug-mom-in-garden



Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-father-kissing-daughter-while-son-laughs  Bay-Area-lifestyle-children-photography-young-boy-peering-into-tunnel-of-vines



Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-vines-and-lightbulb  Bay-Area-lifestyle-children-photography-three-siblings-talking-and-snacking-on-the-grass


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