Styled Shoot: Woodland Nymph

Lifestyle Photography is my jam, but from time to time, I like to stretch my creativity by telling a visual story through a Styled Shoot.  Let me tell you one:

According to ancient Greek mythology, there lived a beautiful nymph who preferred the company of her imagination and nature more than the company of other people, so she built a house in the woods and lived alone.

She picked berries and washed them with river water before eating them one by one while lost in her own thoughts.  The isolation meant being alone, but she never felt lonely.  She felt…



East-Bay-styled-photography-woodland-girl-eating-berries-sideview-BxW  East-Bay-styled-photography-woodland-girl-eating-berries-sideview-headturn-BxW


East-Bay-styled-photography-leaves-in-forest  East-Bay-styled-photography-woodland-girl-holding-jar-of-berries-and-water



East-Bay-styled-photography-woodland-girl-sitting-on-stump-dirty-feet  East-Bay-styled-photography-woodland-girl-sitting-on-stump-1


East-Bay-styled-photography-woodland-girl-walking-away-towards-forest  East-Bay-styled-photography-woodland-girl-in-middle-of-forest-and-sunflare

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