Her name is so cool that my youngest decided when she is older (much MUCH older, thank you very much), she wants to have twins named Luna and Moon.  After I gasped and grabbed at my chest from hearing my kid bring up the topic of pregnancy at age 7 (*shudder*), I realized she was just saying how much she liked the name, which is understandable.  Phew.

Sorry I digress.  I’m just blog-chatting while sipping my coffee.  :)

Luna is ONE this month, so we did a special shoot where we captured her stuffed animal-loving, music-playing, face plant-diving fearless personality at home first.  Then we headed outdoors after her older brother Bennett woke up from his nap to capture Luna with her entire family.  It was so much fun!


South-Bay-lifestyle-photography-baby-girl-laughing-on-bed  South-Bay-lifestyle-photography-baby-toes-curled-in-carpet





South-Bay-lifestyle-photography-preschooler-boy-kneeling-happily-in-grass  South-Bay-lifestyle-photography-family-standing-together-in-park




[If you want to see Bennett’s 1 year old shoot, click here.  Both kids like to dive off furniture apparently!  haha.]

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