After the rain, everything is quieter.  Greener.  Fresher.

It was really beautiful to photograph, even without the sun.  The farmland by the woods was really quiet and empty, and the green color of the moss on the trees and the damp leaves illuminated.  Even the smell… it was invigoratingly clean.

The best part of the shoot, however, was seeing Alex and Roberta’s girls and giving them great big bear hugs.  I’ve missed seeing their smiley faces and how sweet they are with each other.  These two are the ones who makes me wish I had a sister.  Their Superglue bond is undeniable and a joy to see.


Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-family-walking-in-magical-green-moss-lined-trees  Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-purple-flower-tube


Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-teeny-tiny-green-leaves  Bay-Area-lifestyle-children-photography-girl-leaning-on-bridge-rail





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