The B’s Knees

Just like the slang “the bee’s knees”, this family with all B names is the best of the best in generosity, kindness, compassion, and (with the girls) athleticism!

I had such a fun morning photographing Bella, Bailey, Brianna, Brenda, Benny…and their newest addition, Baci, who just turned 1 year old.

I’ve known Brenda since our College days at Berkeley, photographed her engagement to Benny, walked down the aisle as her bridesmaid, photographed her belly when she was pregnant, and known her kids since they were born.  There is so much history between us that it makes for our time together even more precious and her shoots that much more intimate.


Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-laughing-together-with-puppy-among-trees  Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-funny-furry-looking-green-leaves

Baci:  “Where’d She Go?”



Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-girls-making-arm-muscles-in-reflection  Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-pet-photography-walking-downstairs-with-puppy


Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-mom-and-daughters-laughing-by-trees  Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-woman-in-pink-dress-standing-and-waiting


When a family takes selfies at the end of their photoshoot, I… PHOTOBOMB THEM, of course!  🙂


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  1. jovina yee

    LOVE these pics (and family and photographer)!!

    • 🙂 THANK YOU, Jovina! You’re too sweet. I love the family too.

      • Brenda Fong

        Thank you Jovina and thank you Annie! We LOVE our photo shoots with you! Thank you for this wonderful sneak peak! Love these photos!