While editing last weekend’s photos of Jeff, Louisa, and their adorable, playful munchkins, I can hear upbeat music… wait for it… even when I’m not playing music!

I know, I know how this sounds, and it’s not good.  However, that’s what Joy is like to me.  I can hear happy music.  I can feel joy in my heart.  And it makes me want to go out and hug someone or volunteer in a soup kitchen or rescue another puppy.  (In case my husband is reading this…. honey, it’ll only be 5 more puppies.  heh heh)

Check out my visual story of Joy…


Bay-Area-lifestyle-children-photography-young-boy-with-hands-in-pockets-laughing  Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-closeup-fuzzy-plant-thingie





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  1. Oh my gosh, Annie! I adore these images.

    • Thanks, Melissa! That means a lot to me. 🙂

      One of my clients told me some time ago that they choose me as their photographer, not only for my ability to take a good photograph, but also for my ability “to see their love”. Without the ability to see their unique kind of love, the photographer wouldn’t know what to capture. I totally agree with that… you have to be a keen observer first before you can be a good photographer.

      Have a great day!