After weeks of devastating wildfires here in Northern California, hazardous smoke choking the air, and now heavy rainfall, it is a visual breath of fresh air to look at these incredibly warm and sunny images from Courtney’s Senior and Family Shoot.


In fact, everything about this shoot was sunny, not just the sky.  The bond of these siblings; the laughter from poking fun at one another, like Ted and his inseparable bag (tee hee); the bold and playful family who danced, jumped, and pretended to be zombies — the funny kind.

Regardless of what is going on around us, feeling sunny sure makes things better!


South-Bay-lifestyle-teen-photography-senior-girl-with-flowy-long-hair-in-sun  South-Bay-lifestyle-teen-photography-senior-girl-leaning-into-parents-on-stairs



South-Bay-lifestyle-photography-long-grass  South-Bay-lifestyle-teen-young-adult-photography-sister-and-fur-brother-kissing-adult-sibling


South-Bay-lifestyle-teen-young-adult-photography-family-walking-up-long-steps-on-hill  South-Bay-lifestyle-photography-tree-branch-silhouette-by-neighborhood


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  1. Melissa G

    You can feel the unity in these images.

    • So true! The oldest “child” is 21 years old, and he was back from College for Thanksgiving. The second “child” is graduating from High School and becoming an adult, and she missed her big brother. To see so much unity in older siblings was really cool. I felt like it was a peek into my own family’s future because I have 3 kids too (opposite genders, girl boy girl).

      ❤️ Family is the most important part of the holidays! ❤️