All The Feels

Jeff and Louisa’s shoot this weekend with their 6-year old talkative charmer and 3-year old living doll (heehee) had all the feels.

There was loud laughter, running and playing, a few tears, some fearful hesitation of bugs and grass, and lots and lots of joy.  Or was it snacks?  Lots and lots of snacks.  ;)

My favorite things that happened were:
1.  Jacob told me he “loves mommy and you”.  That’s ME!  Me!  How adorable is that?!!
2.  Little Kate gave me a long gentle hug to say goodbye. ❤️
3.  Jacob helped his little sister when she was scared.  See the last photo!  *melt*
4.  My deep discussion with Jeff and Louisa after the shoot about philosophy of careers and life.

This shoot reminds me that photography is personal!


East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-closeup-of-peach-rose  East-Bay-lifestyle-family-photography-family-walking-through-rose-garden





East-Bay-lifestyle-children-photography-boy-reaching-up-to-give-candy-to-photographer  East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-closeup-of-lilac-purple-rose




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