Log in the Fog

So a few years ago when my youngest was in Kindergarten, her class had a project to make a 3D Dr. Seuss character.  While most made their favorite character, like Horton and Thing One, Ava made up her own, named Pig in a Wig.  It was light pink, her favorite color, and even had a cloth piece over the head that was made of yarn and could be removed and attached with velcro — hence, a wig.

In light of Pig in a Wig, who still exists today and is prominently sitting on a counter, last Saturday’s shoot was on a log in the fog;)

The Masse Family started visiting nature preserves this year, so it was only fitting that we have their family shoot in a preserve.

Check out how much fun you can have on a log.  In the fog.  Or is it smog.  Look at that dog.  Hey there’s a frog.  Let’s go for a jog.  And then drink nog.  (OMG seriously, I have a problem.  I can’t stop!  Oh the joys of blogging late at night.)



San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-wild-plants-in-the-fog  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-children-photography-young-girl-standing-like-a-star










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