Even through the chilly dense fog, I Tigger-esquely bounced over to greet Julie and her family when I saw them walking towards me.

That is what happens when you’ve been photographing the same family for 10 years.  A DECADE is a long time and also the exact age of their son, Ian.  Ahhh, I still remember photographing their blue-eyed baby’s face on a blanket with blue polkadots!

I had the joy of hanging out with this long-time clients-turned-friends one foggy morning, and it was a lot of fun.

The photos I gravitate to in their gallery are the ones of the family altogether.  Some of them look like they’re stuck together like glue.  The glue that bonds is not just their arms from bear hugs, but in the way they look at each other. ❤️ There is so much love there.


bay-area-los-altos-lifestyle-family-photography-sitting-and-leaning-against-truck-bed-near-colorful-trees  bay-area-los-altos-lifestyle-photography-plants-in-potter




bay-area-los-altos-lifestyle-family-photography-everyone-watching-mom-fix-sons-hair  bay-area-los-altos-lifestyle-photography-nature-art-laying-on-wooden-bench


bay-area-los-altos-lifestyle-children-photography-young-boy-profile  bay-area-los-altos-lifestyle-children-photography-teen-girl-smiling-in-front-of-colorful-trees


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