The Last Shoot

You know that saying “Go big or go home?”  Well we chose the first option for my last shoot of the decade!

This lifestyle shoot involved stepping across a narrow cliff, climbing on rocks while holding a camera in each hand and in rain boots, and standing in a creek.

Unlike my usual lifestyle session where I move around without much awareness of my environment (the reason I prefer to wear boots to my shoots!), I needed to be keenly aware of my surroundings!  If I wasn’t, it could mean falling off a rock, slipping into the lake, stepping in poop, hitting my head on a branch, running into a tree, or brushing up against poison oak.  It was adventurous and, honestly, just a regular weekend for The Franks!

Their pup, Georgia, must have known we were “going big”, so she made sure to create one of my favorite family portraits EVER!  See if you can figure out which photo it is below.  🙂



east-bay-berkeley-lifestyle-children-photography-shy-boy-smiling-and-looking-down  east-bay-berkeley-lifestyle-children-photography-girl-with-hands-on-hips-looking-proud


east-bay-berkeley-lifestyle-pet-photography-entering-lake-to-fetch-stick  east-bay-berkeley-lifestyle-children-photography-girl-and-boy-running-along-cliffside-by-lake



east-bay-berkeley-lifestyle-children-photography-girl-climbing-stairs-rail-closeup  east-bay-berkeley-lifestyle-children-photography-girl-climbing-stairs-rail-while-mom-at-top


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  1. Such wonderful memories for them to cherish for a lifetime. Loved every picture in here.

    • Thank you, Deepthi. They will cherish these memories, and so will I! heehee.

      It was so nice to hang out with a cool, laid back family and capture images that represents their life.