Best Moments of 2019

Based on public voting, here is Part Two of last year’s favorite images.

A “moment” is defined as a split second of time ~OR~ a moment that tells a story.  My all-time favorite images are the ones that capture a story and have incredible light, so some of these have both! ❤️



While standing on a bench, Brother puts his arm around Sister and Sister takes his hand — to push it off her shoulder, so she can continue jumping (teehee) — but when you’re this age, these are flashes of time that are both sweet and funny parents will remember.



When you want to take a Couple’s Photo, you are guaranteed to have your little ones disrupting your moment in the funniest way.


Tied for #3

The moment your swim-loving dog decides to shake off all the water during a family portrait.


Two girls smell the same flower among the tallest bushes show the size of the girls and the tightness of their sisterhood bond.



The way the son melted into his father shows that love will get you through any struggle, including being homeless.  [Commercial Shoot]



The moment your dog wasn’t invited to join the family smoothie toast.


There always seems to be a dog in people’s favorite moments!  Check out last year’s results:  Best Moments of 2018.

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