The 5-minute Questionnaire

As your Lifestyle Photographer, my goal is to capture you, your family, your children in your natural state. I love photographs that show an emotion or tell a story, rather than a posed portrait. To capture these moments, I need to learn a little about you.

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1. Purpose: Is there a special reason for your photoshoot, such as a birthday, anniversary or milestone?

2. People: Who will be photographed? Please note the ages of children. It can be a couple, an individual, siblings, or a nuclear family up to 5 members, including the furry ones. For families with more than 5 members, there will be a $30 fee per member.

3. Children’s Interests: If there are children in the session, what are some of their main interests (ie, activities, toys)?

4. Family Activities: If your session is for a family, it is important to plan activities during your session, especially when there are older children, so I capture interactions rather than poses. What are some activities you like to do together? Your information can help me visually prepare for your session as well as give you ideas on location, if you haven’t chosen one yet.

5. Special Requests: Is there something specific you want me to capture, whether it’s a special combination (ie, mom and dad together) or an activity (ie, baby doing his new trick, crawling)? My style of shooting families is to let things unravel naturally and sometimes you can’t force something to happen, but if you have your heart set on something specific, then I want to know! And I will do my best to capture that!

6. Location: Do you have a location in mind? It can be almost anywhere – a park, your backyard, a courtyard, etc. It is up to you! Included in your Creative Session is travel up to 30 miles roundtrip from Dublin. There is a flat $60 travel fee for further distances in the Bay Area. This fee covers transportation cost, like gas and toll, as well as photographer’s travel time.

7. How did you hear about me? If it’s a person, I’d love to know the name, so I can thank him or her! If it’s online, please let me know any details on how you found me. Thanks!

8. Is there anything else that I’ve missed? If you have other thoughts or questions about your Creative Session, please share them with me! I want to know! ☺