Published in Daily Dog Tag

One of the sweetest write-ups ever and from a delightful publication too!  Thank you, The Daily Dog Tag!


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Published on The Knot

The Knot is one of the largest wedding publications and one that I relied on for inspiration when I got married, so I am extremely excited that they published Sherie and Jeff’s wedding photos today!


For me, the biggest inspirational takeaway from Sherie and Jeff’s big day was how to enjoy every moment, no matter what life throws at them.  Their cheerful attitude radiated throughout the city.

The details, like the flowers and hair/makeup, were all incredible, but only second in beauty to the smiles and love that were omnipresent.

Published on Boundary Stone Baby

When a publication with beautiful imagery wants to feature my work, I do a jump-kick, wave my arms like an octopus and shake-my-tail-feathers kind of dance.  It’s not pretty.  You should stay far far away from me on the dance floor.  ;)

This feature is long (YAY!), so you’ll have to check out the full article here.


This session of Alex and his amazing family is a great example of true Lifestyle Photography.  They just flew kites, played with sea creatures, and hiked around on the beach.

Activities and expressions were all au naturale, just the way I like them!  :)

Published on Love+Wander


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Published in Love Inc Magazine

I am so excited to see Brooke and Emmy’s nuptials featured in Love Inc Magazine!  They are truly two of the kindest, coolest people I’ve met, and their love story is one worth sharing with the World.  xoxo ~annie


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Starbucks Commercial!!!

I am incredibly proud to be a part of this Mother’s Day commercial for Starbucks, featuring Oprah Winfrey!

Alright, it’s more like giddy with excitement!  I just skipped all the way to my kids’ school for pick-up.  :)

Take a few of my FAVORITE things — children, moms, women power, education, Oprah, Starbucks, Chai Tea Lattes — and you get this commercial!!!

The commercial promotes their new product, Teavana Oprah Chai Tea Latte, and Starbucks will donate a portion of the proceeds to educating children.  Love!


[My photo is the one about "grandma" at the :20 mark.]

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


I write articles for the pure pleasure of sharing knowledge.  I love to teach.  I love to write.  I love to shoot.  And writing articles for Digital Photography School (DPS) felt like an extension of blogging.

This week, I was added to DPS’ Authors page.  It may not sound like much, but I am so excited about it!


Now, I have my own page on DPS where you can find all my articles in one place.  You even get to see my very old (and pale — haha) mugshot instead of a DPS logo on all my articles.

[These are all screen grabs of the top section of the pages.  To see the full list of authors or full list of my articles, click on the image.]


Being called an author makes things feel official after writing for so many years.   :)


And get this:  two of my articles were shared over 6000 times!  WHAT?!!  That’s just crazy.

I don’t want to be sappy and all, but… THANK YOU to everyone who reads my stuff.  That is all.  xoxo

Published on Glamour and Grace

My “Day After” shoot was published today on Glamour and Grace magazineAlright, I’m going to do another jump kick because I’m so excited.  Wait for it…. wait for it….. I need a running start.  KEEEEEYAAAAH!  Wow, did you see that?  It was a good one!  :)

Published in Brides Magazine

Wow.  What a privilege to have my work featured on BRIDES magazine!  BRIDES is one of the World’s largest bridal inspiration destinations.  *goosebumps*

My favorite passage in the feature: 

Angela had two goals: to stick with decor so timeless, she wouldn’t cringe when she flipped through her wedding album decades later, and to incorporate elements both of her Chinese-American heritage and Jacob’s Dutch roots. Throw in some genius desserts and a string trio, and you’ve got one of the sweetest weddings we’ve seen all year.

Alright alright.  If you twist my arm, this is my second favorite part:   :)

Angela’s advice to future brides? “Find a photographer you absolutely adore and trust. We gushed over the photos of Annie Tao, our photographer, for five years before I even got engaged!”

Published on Beloved Darling

A darling family is featured today on an inspirational publication, Beloved Darling.  It’s perfectly titled, right?!!  Oh, I am so happy!!!

Don’t miss Millo’s interview at the bottom.

If you want to read this on their site and want a dose of inspiration, go to Beloved Darling here!