Published on Wall Street Journal

An on-point article published in the Life section of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) today about the trend of choosing holiday cards that represent people’s lives more.

Oh, and my client’s (Roberta and Alex’s) holiday card was chosen to be in the article!  Thanks for the feature, WSJ and Paper Culture!  :)


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Published on Reverie Gallery

To be included in a publication that only accepts gorgeous, polished imagery is such an honor!  I’ve been enjoying Reverie Gallery for some time now, so this is especially exciting.  If you haven’t seen them yet, you must take a look.

All I have to say is:  WOW.


It is a long article (WHOOOPPEEEE!!!), so to view the entire collection of images or read the bride’s story at the end of the article, click here to go directly to Reverie Gallery.

One More Minute

The trick is to enjoy life.

Don’t wish away your days

Waiting for better ones ahead.


** UPDATE (March 11, 2015) **

This image is a Top 10 winner in the “Everyday Life” photography challenge.  Woot woot!


Featured on Love+Wander

I’m so excited about this feature:  a travel-themed shoot of a loving family in a publication about LIFE, LOVE and WANDERLUST!


Check out the entire article here!

Best Of Lists

I am blushing. 

I am so humbled to have my work included in some of this year’s “Best Of” lists!  To be able to do what makes my heart sing is incredible, but to also receive recognition for my work from the industry and community is beyond words.  I’ll just say THANK YOU!

Love Inc.’s Top 10 Real Weddings from 2014  [Ranked #1:  Brooke and Emmy at San Francisco City Hall]

Best Photography Tutorials for Beginners in 2014  [Understand Exposure in Under 10 Minutes]

Top Portrait Tips of the Year  [How to Improve Your Portrait Photography in Five Minutes]

#1 on Love Inc. Magazine

I love Brittny’s (Love Inc.’s editor-in-chief) write-up about what the top 10 have in common:  “The love bounces off the pages and reminds us that, at the end of the day, a wedding isn’t about the bouquets or the signature cocktails — it’s about two people in love.”

So exciting!  Here it is:


Two of my articles made it onto Digital Photography School’s “Best Of” lists:


A snippet of my article:  (Can hardly believe my article was shared over 46,000 times in just a few months!)


A list specific to portraiture:  


Here is a snippet of that article:


I hope to continue creating images and tutorials that can help or inspire others in their photography journey.  If there is something you’d like to see more of or want me to write about, please leave a comment below on this blog post.  I read every comment!

Wishing you superfluous reasons to take out your camera in the new year!  xoxo  ~annie

Published in Daily Dog Tag

One of the sweetest write-ups ever and from a delightful publication too!  Thank you, The Daily Dog Tag!


To see the entire article on The Daily Dog Tag, click here!

Published on The Knot

The Knot is one of the largest wedding publications and one that I relied on for inspiration when I got married, so I am extremely excited that they published Sherie and Jeff’s wedding photos today!


For me, the biggest inspirational takeaway from Sherie and Jeff’s big day was how to enjoy every moment, no matter what life throws at them.  Their cheerful attitude radiated throughout the city.

The details, like the flowers and hair/makeup, were all incredible, but only second in beauty to the smiles and love that were omnipresent.

Published on Boundary Stone Baby

When a publication with beautiful imagery wants to feature my work, I do a jump-kick, wave my arms like an octopus and shake-my-tail-feathers kind of dance.  It’s not pretty.  You should stay far far away from me on the dance floor.  ;)

This feature is long (YAY!), so you’ll have to check out the full article here.


This session of Alex and his amazing family is a great example of true Lifestyle Photography.  They just flew kites, played with sea creatures, and hiked around on the beach.

Activities and expressions were all au naturale, just the way I like them!  :)

Published on Love+Wander


[Check out the rest of this feature on Love+Wander:]

Published in Love Inc Magazine

I am so excited to see Brooke and Emmy’s nuptials featured in Love Inc Magazine!  They are truly two of the kindest, coolest people I’ve met, and their love story is one worth sharing with the World.  xoxo ~annie


[To see the rest of the article, click here:]