Did you know food waste contributes to global warming?  If food waste were a country, it would come third after the U.S. and China in terms of its contribution to global warming!  (Read this Washington Post article if you want to learn more or go straight to StopWaste.org.)

Partnering with Underground Agency and StopWaste to shoot an ad campaign that will educate and hopefully decrease food waste felt so good.  We all need to step it up to help the environment!

The shoot involved photographing different families with produce.  We had 2 long tables full of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from — such as the most beautiful collard greens, carrots, sugar snap peas, basil, strawberries, and pears — so the entire studio smelled fantastic.

The challenge of creating emotive images in a studio environment was a big one (and may have allegedly caused tummy rollercoaster feelings the week before – ehem), but I had to remind myself to approach the shoot the way I would any other shoot:  relax, have fun, and be myself so that my subjects can do all those things too!

The result:  heartwarming images that take my breath away. ❤️ Now that’s a better kind of ‘warming’.








Personal Brand Photography

Guess what?  I now offer Personal Brand Photography!  This is THE funnest niche of business photography ever, so I am very excited.

What is Personal Brand Photography?

Think Executive Headshots on vacation.  Or Commercial Photography meets Instagram and had a baby – haha.

In a nutshell, Personal Brand Photography (PBP) is photography that produces a series of storytelling images of an entrepreneur.  It covers a part of the entrepreneur’s life while embodying their personality and includes detail shots.  Unlike a headshot session, not every image will contain the entrepreneur’s face, and you’d get a greater variety and number of images to use for your online presence.

East-Bay-personal-brand-commercial-photography-hair-dryer  East-Bay-personal-brand-commercial-photography-hair-stylist-with-trade-magazine

Who is Personal Brand Photography for?

Personal Brand Photography is perfect for entrepreneurs who want a plethora of fresh images they can use for regular posting on Instagram or other social media sites or for using multiple images on a webpage.  Entrepreneurs such as, consultants, makeup artists, stylists, bloggers/writers, social media influencers, web designers.

East-Bay-personal-brand-commercial-photography-hair-stylist-laughing-BxW  East-Bay-personal-brand-commercial-photography-hair-stylist-necklace-BxW

Why do you need PBP?

Because doing business means connecting with your customers, and that means having photos that convey who you are, so others can relate to you and want to work with you.

Your brand needs to be clear as well as eye-catching.  Customers are more photo-savvy than ever before, and they can spot stock photos or staged photos from miles away.  Be real!

For businesses that do better with social media platforms, you have to post regularly to get traction, visibility and solid brand identification.

East-Bay-personal-brand-commercial-photography-entreprenuer-leaning-on-rail-BxW  East-Bay-personal-brand-commercial-photography-hair-stylist-closeup

How does PBP work?

Each shoot is different, and always fun.  It can be of you working or walking around town or your morning coffee routine — whatever story you want to convey.  Nothing is stagnant, so your images aren’t stuffy.

Each session includes a consultation so your shoot will be specific to what you need, unlimited images taken, edited high resolution photos of storytelling images, images of you, and detail images.  You’d also have Usage Rights of those photos, all delivered via a cloud site, so you can retrieve your images lickety-split.

The INTRO price is $750 for your first session, which is 1 hour long and will garner about 50 images.  This would provide you with approximately one image to post on social media each week for a year, or if you post everyday M-F, it is about 2.5 months worth of imagery.

Think of the Marketing boost you’d get!

Now what?

Start by booking your first shoot (do it now while it is at the Intro price!) and you can always book more later when your business needs another boost.

Or, book a few shoots throughout the year right now, so you can secure the price and dates, and we can shoot in different locations or different seasons!

Coders are Creators

These quotes explain why this Commercial Shoot of The Coder School gets me excited every time:

“Coding is today’s language of creativity.  All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead of consumers of computer science.”
~ Maria Klawe

“I want to encourage more young women to get involved in coding, because it’s important for them to be able to help shape the future, and coding is the future.”
~ Karlie Kloss

“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”
~ Steve Jobs





South-Bay-commercial-photography-the-coder-school-building-sign  South-Bay-commercial-photography-the-coder-school-boy-laughing-with-teacher




South-Bay-commercial-photography-boy-with-lollypop-playing-in-lounge-area  South-Bay-commercial-photography-coding-teacher-holding-robot-and-controller



South-Bay-commercial-photography-coding-class-view-from-lounge  South-Bay-commercial-photography-girl-waiting-in-between-coding-projects


[Click here to see my first Commercial Shoot at The Coder School in Berkeley!  This shoot was of their Fremont location.]

From National Parks to Airlines

This two-day Commercial Photography project was ACTION-PACKED!  I toured all around the San Francisco Bay Area to meet managers and senior executives who hired City College of San Francisco (CCSF) students and graduates.  It was a diverse set of businesses in terms of industry, company size and job type.

Some businesses I photographed were:  Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, BMW of San Francisco, McCalls Catering and Events, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Michael Raifsnider Law Office, and United Airlines.

Photographing real people in their actual workplace during work hours in a lifestyle way is exciting.  There was constant movement all around us, limited time, and distracting elements at each location.  Yet, very quickly, I had to decide how and where to shoot that will tell the visual story I wanted.

See what I mean?  Exciting, right?!!  :)






San-Francisco-commercial-photography-law-dictionary-closeup  San-Francisco-commercial-photography-law-office-cabinet-top






Commercial Photography: Enjoying Life

When I was in my 20s, I realized there were three things that make me stop and let out an “AWWWWWW”.

Babies was the obvious group.  The largest group was puppies and pretty much any furry animal, which is what led to a slew of travel to destinations where I could see animals in their natural habitat.  And the group that surprised me was seniors!  Even if I were driving, I would always notice the elderly couple holding hands or the senior who was doing something they loved.

Enjoy life at any age is a great mantra to live by.

Last week, I had the privilege of photographing residents of TODCO, a community-based housing development company in the South of Market neighborhood of downtown San Francisco.  I met many vibrant seniors and residents in SRO housing.  Some opened up about their life’s struggles and achievements… one super woman was 98 years old… many couples were married for many many decades… and one even gave me a gift.  Awwwwww.  (See what I mean?)

My time at TODCO reminded me of all that I am grateful for with my business, which is the opportunity to make real connections with people, so that I can capture them in an authentic way.  ❤️

San-Francisco-commercial-photography-senior-man-happily-holding-wife-on-rooftop-garden  San-Francisco-commercial-photography-smiling-senior-married-couple-on-rooftop-garden



San-Francisco-commercial-photography-senior-housing-woman-laughing-while-walking-with-man  San-Francisco-commercial-photography-senior-housing-flowers-on-rooftop-3






San-Francisco-commercial-photography-affordable-housing-community-woman-dancing  San-Francisco-commercial-photography-affordable-housing-community-game-night


Commercial Photography: Be Distinct

It’s funny that when we are young, we find it important to blend in.  Myself included.  By the time we reach adulthood, we realize that it is — and has always been — best to stand out.

Choosing the right graduate school is the same way.  You want a school that is positively distinctive, so you can continue to be unquestionably distinct too.

That’s why it was such an honor to return to Rice Business School for a one-day Commercial Shoot.  There were so many new bright faces with even brighter minds.  They were proud and thoughtful and….



Houston-commercial-photography-rice-business-school-back-view-through-trees  Houston-commercial-photography-one-blade-of-grass-on-green-lawn







Houston-commercial-photography-rice-business-school-side-view  Houston-commercial-photography-business-school-students-walking-on-campus-distant













Commercial Photography: City Build

It was time for shoot #3 of the City College of San Francisco (CCSF) adult education ad campaign.  This time, I photographed students from their City Build program.  [Here is my post about the first two CCSF shoots.]

They only need one of these images.  Good luck with that ‘cuz I love them ALL!


San-Francisco-commercial-photography-city-college-career-class-construction-1  San-Francisco-commercial-photography-city-college-career-class-construction-toolbelt



Commercial Photography: City College of SF

Perhaps you returned to school after you identified your passion.  Maybe life got in the way and you are now back on the path to earn your GED.  Whatever your story is, I applaud those who return to school because it takes a lot of tenacity and desire to grow to do that.

I met a few students from City College of San Francisco and had the privilege of capturing part of their lives with someone who supports or inspires them.  It was invigorating to hear their stories, and the culinary class made me want to take a class (and made me hungry).  :P

Here’s a peek of my 2-day Commercial Shoot with City College of San Francisco.  I can’t wait to see the ads around my favorite city!




San-Francisco-commercial-photography-City-College-husband-and-wife-students-sitting-on-step  San-Francisco-commercial-photography-City-College-husband-and-wife-students-sitting-on-step-2



Whoops, that’s my iced tea!  ;)



San-Francisco-commercial-photography-purple-wildflowers  San-Francisco-commercial-photography-City-College-film-student-surprising-his-mother


Relaxed Headshots

Julia and Aaron needed headshots for work, but not stuffy ones — so I pulled them aside at the end of their Landfill Shoot.

We walked to an area between the water, parked cars, and large shipping containers (seriously!) where there was diffused light.  The light was so pretty there that I widened my scope to include the kids.

These relaxed headshots are more like relaxed portraits.  Ahhhhh…

East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-woman-with-scarf-and-windblown-hair-by-gold-hay  East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-a-dude-in-the-woods


East-Bay-lifestyle-children-photography-boy-looking-up  East-Bay-lifestyle-pet-photography-wet-black-dog-headshot

For more information about taking headshots, you can read A Change Is Coming and How Your Subject Feels.

Or if you just want a LAUGH, you can read about doing headshots of my Worst Client!

Commercial Photography: The Coder School

I met this guy in College who told me I apologized too much.  My response was:  “Sorry?  What did you say?”  haha…just kidding.  But it wasn’t far from the truth.  So I’m going to make it a point to NOT apologize for this super duper long blog post!  And I’ll tell you why…

This after school program I photographed was so cool:  The Coder School.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, The Coder School offers a variety of coding classes to kids and teens.  Knowing how to code has changed from giving people an edge to being a basic building block necessary to excel in many professions.

I photographed several classes, hung out with the founders and some of the managers, watched the coaches make their classes fun, and pulled out a few solo students for a marketing campaign.  There is a lot to share in this Sneak Peek… and I’m not sorry.  :)

East-Bay-commercial-photography-the-coder-school-building-sign  East-Bay-commercial-photography-young-boy-working-at-computer




East-Bay-commercial-photography-teen-girl-with-long-hair-looking-confident  East-Bay-commercial-photography-code-class-closeup-hands








East-Bay-commercial-photography-code-student-laughing  East-Bay-commercial-photography-coding-school-for-children-and-teens