She-ra, The Princess of Power


Find the “good” light when you are photographing your subjects, but also look out for interesting shadows.

When all the stars are aligned, maybe, just maybe, you’ll find both.   :)

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*September 20, 2013 UPDATE*

This image was chosen as one of the Top 10 Favorites in the Shadow Challenge!  What an honor!  YAY!!!


There is a certain tranquility about this image…


It’s in the way the father and son are walking.  You can tell they’ve walked that pier before.  You can tell they are silent.

It’s the calmness of the water.  You can tell it’s early morning.  You can tell the boats and the ducks have not yet stirred.

It’s in the soft lines of the plant like watercolor brush strokes.  Oh fine, I admit I had to lurk like a bobcat to get this shot!   :)



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Family Framed

See the grass in the forefront?

Yup.  I had to lay in who-knows-what to get this natural frame of a sweet family enjoying the sun on a Winter day.

It was completely worth it to capture the moment and gorgeous backlight.  :)

PHOTOGRAPHY TIP:  Stop and look around you.  There are natural frames everywhere!


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*March 14, 2013 UPDATE*

Out of 333 entries, this photo was selected as one of the Top 10 Favorites in the Framed Challenge!  Woweeee!!!

Best of 2011: Delicious Light & Funniest

Looks like the results are in for the Most Delicious Light of 2011 and Funniest Photos of 2011.  Thank you to those who voted on Facebook!

Though the number of votes may vary over time since voting is open, the favorites were abundantly clear… though some were a surprise.  :)

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Tied for #4



Since I love to laugh, it is imperative to show my favorite FUNNY photos of the year.

The image that received the most number of votes was astonishing! 

WHAT THE?!!!  It’s the shot of my own kids?!!






3-Way Tie for #3




Best of 2011: Moments

Capturing a moment means the image wouldn’t have the same appeal it if was taken a second later or a second earlier.

It could also capture an emotion or the essence of a relationship.  Or tell a page of a story.

Below are the Best Moments of 2011, based on viewers’ votes in Facebook (as of today*).

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*Votes can be added any time, so the Best Of images may change.  The voting process is open to all and with no deadline.  This is just a way for me to see what people liked!  For all those who participated, thank you!!!



















Triple Tie for #10




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I really do.

Furry Face Harley

There is so much character in a face.

Not just from the distinctive features themselves, but also in the way one holds a glance or closes one’s mouth.

This is true for furry faces too.


This week’s I Heart Faces theme is “Furry Faces”.  (I love furry faces!!!)



As I was photographing these newborn twins…

One of the boys  s-s-s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d  his leg and stuck his foot right up in the air!


This week’s I Heart Faces theme is “On Your Feet”.



Do you hear it?!!

I do.

There are photographs that make you feel something when you look at them.  And there are some that make you hear something.

This little boy’s laughter as his dad catches him… it’s so loud!


This week’s I Heart Faces theme is “Bust A Gut”.


Winners Announced for Color Me Beautiful Giveaway

As of 2 hours ago, the “Color Me Beautiful” Giveaway closed.  I pulled a couple numbers from, verified that the entries qualified, and voila.  Here they are…



Please email me at with your mailing addess in order to receive your BlackRapid limited edition RS-WS1 Color camera strap!  You have 48 hours to respond.  (If I don’t hear from you, a new winner will be chosen.)





Color Me Beautiful! [RS-W1 Camera Strap Giveaway]

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Details to the “Color Me Beautiful” Limited Edition RS-W1 color camera strap giveaway:

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* At the end of the Giveaway, I will choose TWO lucky winners who will win one of the limited edition straps.

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How to Enter:

1.  Go to my Annie Tao Photography Facebook page, “Like” it, find this Giveaway post on the Wall and leave a comment.  Tell me which color strap is your favorite (as your FB comment).  Then come back to this blog post and tell me that you did this step. *THIS STEP IS MANDATORY TO ENTER

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Good luck, my friends!  And thank you, BlackRapid, for supplying the products for this Giveaway.