All The Feels

Jeff and Louisa’s shoot this weekend with their 6-year old talkative charmer and 3-year old living doll (heehee) had all the feels.

There was loud laughter, running and playing, a few tears, some fearful hesitation of bugs and grass, and lots and lots of joy.  Or was it snacks?  Lots and lots of snacks.  ;)

My favorite things that happened were:
1.  Jacob told me he “loves mommy and you”.  That’s ME!  Me!  How adorable is that?!!
2.  Little Kate gave me a long gentle hug to say goodbye. ❤️
3.  Jacob helped his little sister when she was scared.  See the last photo!  *melt*
4.  My deep discussion with Jeff and Louisa after the shoot about philosophy of careers and life.

This shoot reminds me that photography is personal!


East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-closeup-of-peach-rose  East-Bay-lifestyle-family-photography-family-walking-through-rose-garden





East-Bay-lifestyle-children-photography-boy-reaching-up-to-give-candy-to-photographer  East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-closeup-of-lilac-purple-rose




The Way They Are

I had another fun playdate, I mean, photoshoot with my little buddies, Rory and Dex!  :)

This time, it was at their mom’s workplace, which was truly the coolest office building ever.  It’s like workplace-meets-Disneyland, a place where innovation and productivity can blossom.  Get this:  there was a Library, gardens, a gym, Laundry Room, THE coolest chairs everywhere, gorgeous artwork, and even a Game Room!  Danny and I had to pick our jaws off the ground and ran around like little kids.  (It is a new building, so he hadn’t been there before either.)  Rory and Dex were happy with their purple bots and lots of snacks (I mean, where do they put all those snacks?!!)

We had such a fun time together, as usual, and I am so thankful this sweet family is so comfortable with me that they let me get reeeeeally close to them (haha) and let me capture them exactly the way they are.  ❤️











San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-father-kissing-daughter-during-game  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-succulents-on-glass-table


Behind-the-scenes with my fun playdate buddies:



[ENDEARING:  adjective.  Manifesting or evoking affection. To give rise to love.  Beloved.]

That is the word that perfectly sums up Joe and Yolanda’s family.

I’ve photographed this endearing family for 11 years, and there have been many changes — but one thing that has remained a constant, and that is the strength of their bond.

For their shoot this year, we brainstormed all week and ended up at a location that was pretty much in their backyard!  What a little gem, and at golden hour too!  It was the perfect place for our endearing family shoot.  xo


San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-teen-photography-mom-and-son-laughing-together-on-woodsy-path  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-dry-grass-or-weeds



San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-teen-photography-giant-group-hug-near-woods  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-teen-photography-boy-sitting-on-tree-next-to-sister


San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-teen-photography-walking-on-narrow-peninsula-at-golden-hour  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-marina-view-from-woods


Sunshine and Cacti

Roberta and Alex wanted to have their shoot in Arizona where they’d be around cacti and the warm sun.

Except we didn’t go to Arizona, and it wasn’t very warm.  :)

We did, however, find cacti, and it was SO COOL.  It looked like we walked into a page of a Dr. Seuss book.  Oh, two out of five of us got pricked though.  (This story has taken a turn.)  One was to a child’s finger and drew blood, and one was on an old lady (ehem!) who thought the long leaf would bend when she walked into it, so it stabbed her in the noggin like a needle sword!  (Okay it was meeee!  I know, I’m graceful – haha.)

Anyhow, check out their sneak peek.  In case you couldn’t tell, we had a blast!


San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-succulent-plant  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-man-in-cactus-garden




San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-children-photography-girl-flossing-in-cactus-garden  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-cactus-with-pink-buds




Things I Won’t Tell You

I won’t tell you how much I love this family.
I won’t tell you how special it is to have friends who believe in you, encourage you, and support you.
I won’t tell you how fun this photoshoot was and how much I laughed.
I won’t tell you how smart and cool and humble Alex is, and how teary I get thinking about how he’ll be in College next year.
I won’t tell you how talented Sam and Marissa are, and how much they blow me away.

I love this family.

Shoot, okay I lied.  I WANT TO SHOUT IT ALL!  :)




East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-cacti-with-baby-cacti  East-Bay-lifestyle-family-photography-relaxing-in-teahouse-in-japanese-garden


East-Bay-lifestyle-teen-photography-senior-boy-looking-over-bridge-BxW  East-Bay-lifestyle-teen-photography-happy-girl-licking-giant-rainbow-lollypop



A Trip Downtown

When you’ve known your client for over a decade, a trip downtown ends up being a trip down memory lane. 

I know I’ve said this before (I’m like an old record player, but hey, those are retro cool – haha), but I feel sooooo fortunate to be doing what I love for my business.  I get to meet amazing people, catch up with them like old friends, watch their kids grow up, and hang out in different parts of the San Francisco Bay Area all while playing with my camera.

Alex and Keiko’s eldest was now off at College (sniff), so the five of us jaunted around a cute little downtown area, sipped teas and lattes, petted pups, and shopped at a local farmer’s market.  It was a relaxing morning with friends and family.  ❤️

Oh, and at the end of the shoot, they surprised me with one of the beautiful bouquets from the market!  How sweet is that?  They are sitting on my dining table right now and brightening the room.


San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-cafe-in-downtown-Palo-Alto  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-teen-photography-sipping-drinks-at-cafe-in-downtown-Palo-Alto


San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-succulent-and-flowers  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-bicycle-parking-area-in-street-downtown-Palo-Alto


San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-tea-stand-at-farmers-market  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-tomatoes-at-farmers-market


San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-teens-walking-with-parents-downtown  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-farmers-market-floral-bouquet


The Light Within

There’s something about Brooke and Emmy that is undeniable.  They have some kind of energy that radiates from within when they are together.  It’s a light that makes others want to be around them, to laugh with them, to be better people because they incite inspiration without even trying.  Especially during a time when we are bombarded by negative news, being around Brooke and Emmy felt like a little vacation for my soul.  ❤️

Now with Fletcher and Annie, their energy has grown.

While in San Francisco, we visited all the same places we did on their wedding day.  To no surprise, many strangers around us were friendlier and happier, even at 8am in the morning.  At one point, we found ourselves testing out sirens and sitting on motorcycles because… a couple of police officers insisted!  (When does that happen, right?!!)

Happy 5 year anniversary, Brooke and Emmy!  I am unbelievably touched to be a small part of your lives and incredibly grateful you returned to San Francisco to see me!  xoxo 




“Stick ‘em up!”



San-Francisco-lifestyle-family-photography-parents-sitting-on-red-chairs-with-toddler-twins-on-laps  San-Francisco-lifestyle-children-photography-twin-toddler-siblings-hugging-on-bench-by-bay



San-Francisco-lifestyle-family-photography-mother-kisses-son-while-holding-him-in-line-at-bakery  San-Francisco-lifestyle-photography-bakery-in-Embarcadero-District







The Greatest Gifts

I think one of the greatest gifts is creating a memory with someone you love, and a bonus would be to have a photoshoot that captures it!  ❤️  Rashmi believes this too (SQUEEEE!) so she scheduled a shoot as a gift for her photography-enthusiast, family-loving husband.

It may not have been that big of a surprise to Sat since their very first shoot with me in 2008 was also a gift.  I still remember hiding at a park while Rashmi brought Sat and their then-toddler son on a walk towards a stranger (that’s me — haha) that led to some fond memories.

It is obvious to anyone who knows Sat that his family is his Everything, and having boys he can play sports with as well as climb cliffsides and trees with is like a kid-at-heart’s dream come true.  Add to that, he and Rashmi have raised boys who are loving and caring, so there are always sweet moments of closeness.

I feel so honored to get to photograph this special family throughout the last 11 years!




East-Bay-lifestyle-family-photography-sitting-while-watching-son-perform-in-forest  East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-pine-needle-branches-in-Forest



East-Bay-lifestyle-family-photography-father-giving-branches-to-son-for-balance-in-forest  East-Bay-lifestyle-family-photography-sitting-on-ground-in-Redwood-Forest-BxW




Day in the Life: Peter and Jenny

When you and your spouse are both turning the big 5-0 AND it’s your 20 year wedding anniversary AAAAND you adopted your first puppy, you have a Day-in-the-Life Photoshoot to capture your life as it is right now.

It’s a way to celebrate as well as commemorate a big year!

We started in Peter and Jenny’s kitchen with making shakes, cutting flowers, and playing with their pup.  It was a scorching hot afternoon, so the fruit shakes and watermelon smoothies were refreshing.  They played a frisbee game in the backyard with made-up obstacles, which is how most of Peter’s games are played – heehee.  And as part of their anniversary milestone, they flipped through their wedding album where the kids giggled at how young their parents looked.  Afterwards, they went on a hike, a beloved activity they do as a family and ended the day with a game of basketball.

The 4-hour shoot was truly a slice of their life at age 50 with sporty teen children and young puppy, and it was an honor to capture it all.



San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-pet-photography-doodle-puppy-on-patio-stairs  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-teen-photography-teenager-boy-smiling-at-aunt








San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-couple-photography-holding-hands-20th-wedding-anniversary  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-couple-photography-man-woman-holding-hands-20th-wedding-anniversary


San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-pet-photography-doodle-puppy-in-backyard copy  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-pet-photography-beware-of-dog-sign-backyard


San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-swervy-purple-flowers-in-backyard  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-father-and-kids-standing-with-basketball

San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-father-and-kids-playing-basketball-2  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-drooping-red-flowers

Interested in seeing another Day in the Life session?  YES!  Okay, here are a few more:  Chris & Sinead, The S Family, Larry & Juana.
[I don't shoot a lot of DITL, though I love them, so be warned that you'll see a big evolution of my editing style with these 3 blog post links, which spans 10 years!  The way I shoot and visual imagery I prefer have stayed the same.]

Let me know what you think of DITL shoots!  Do you see the value of them or do you think it’s better to have several shorter shoots instead?

Ray of Sunshine

Lawrence and I told the doctor not to reveal the gender of our third baby when I was pregnant… but I already knew it was a girl.  Or maybe it was because I prayed and prayed and hoped for one.  SO BAD.

So when my third and last baby entered the World, and my doctor held her up and announced “It’s a girl” like what I’ve seen in movies my entire life, I cried.  I cried the ugly cry, but no one, including myself, really cared at that point.  I had a healthy, pink, perfect baby girl!  She arrived 3 weeks early, but based on her already squishy baby face and body, you’d never know that.

I was so happy and loved her so much from that very second.  When she was only 2 months old, we had regular moments where we’d lock gazes, giggle together, exchange smiles… and when she was an older baby, we ‘sang’ together in her quiet nursery before she’d sleep.

It is now nine years later, and Avie is still that person who makes me smile just by looking at her face.  She still follows me around like the cutest shadow and thinks her mommy is the best, most important person ever.  She makes sure I know this from her love notes and drawings whenever there is a piece of paper or foggy mirror.  She is my own personal ray of sunshine, and I feel incredibly blessed.

Happy 9th birthday, Avie.

east-bay-lifestyle-children-photography-girl-with-hat-and-coral-skirt-giggling  east-bay-lifestyle-children-photography-girl-twirling-coral-skirt


east-bay-lifestyle-children-photography-young-girl-with-coral-skirt-leaning-and-laughing-on-windy-day  east-bay-lifestyle-children-photography-young-girl-fixing-hair-in-wind-hair-closeup