On Clouds

Amidst house renovations, a brand new baby, visitors, an active toddler, two big dogs, and a holiday, it is safe to say The L Family had a lot going on when I came over for their shoot.  If you met them though, you wouldn’t know it because they were so cool, calm and content!

This San Francisco Lifestyle Photography session had two parts:  an indoor newborn and family session at the house and an outdoor session in their neighborhood.  It was all shot in a relaxed, lifestyle manner, which captured personalities, relationships and stories.

Check out this sneak peek of The L Family hanging out together and how 7-day new Ryan sleep through most of it.  hee hee.

Ssssssstretch and freeze!


Ryan waking up to gaze at his mom

San-Francisco-lifestyle-newborn-photography-gorgeous-mom-holding-her-baby-and-touches-his-hand-with-her-thumb  San-Francisco-lifestyle-newborn-photography-mother-holding-infant-as-he-looks-her-directly-in-the-face

Ben believes sharing is caring   :)


On a bed of clouds



Fun on the clouds





In the neighborhood



San-Francisco-lifestyle-children-photography-toddler-boy-paying-for-his-juice-at-a-coffee-shop  San-Francisco-lifestyle-children-photography-toddler-boy-in-a-blue-coat-at-a-coffee-shop


San-Francisco-lifestyle-family-photography-family-with-newborn-sitting-on-bench-with-drinks  San-Francisco-lifestyle-photography-potted-plants


Anna and Carebear

Almost exactly 2 years ago, Caroline was born to The K Family.  However, Little Caroline is rarely called by her real name that one day, she will probably introduce herself to others as “Bear” or “Carebear”.

Can you imagine the look on people’s faces?  “Hello.  My name is Bear.”  Heheheh, cute, right?!!

Things were moving steadily for Bear as she learned new things and discovered her love of Art… until last week, Anna entered the World.  Now Bear has a sister!

Oh, I can imagine the sorts of adventures Anna and Bear will have together!!!

Anna and Carebear


East-Bay-lifestyle-newborn-photography-toddler-girl-touching-cheeks-with-newborn-sister  East-Bay-lifestyle-newborn-photography-toddler-girl-smiling-while-holding-her-newborn-sister


Beautiful Anna

East-Bay-lifestyle-newborn-photography-wildflowers-in-foreground  East-Bay-lifestyle-newborn-photography-baby-bunny-in-basket



The New Family of FOUR


Congratulations, Brie and Mark! 

Anna Sophia is absolutely precious, and I am extremely grateful to be able to photograph such a special time for your family. 

It was also such a treat to see Caroline again… I mean, Bear!  :)



A Love Story

Once upon a time, there were two people named Louisa and Jeff who both went to UCLA.  In their first year at school, they started dating and fell in love.  Years later, they got married and recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Now they are in love….again.

This time, with little Jacob.   <3

South-Bay-lifestyle-baby-photography-naked-baby-boy-doing-tummy-time  South-Bay-lifestyle-baby-photography-baby-feet







South-Bay-lifestyle-baby-photography-mom-holding-baby-with-elephant-hat  South-Bay-lifestyle-photography-new-mom-headshot



Congratulations, Louisa and Jeff! 

Thank you for welcoming me into your home for the afternoon to photograph your life with little Jacob.  I can see he is surrounded by love!




I can tell you how the blanket is made up of Penna’s mom’s angora sweaters or that the handmade mobile over the crib represents the baby’s family members.  I can talk about the ring Penna is wearing, and how she got it after hearing her baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

But I won’t.

There are stories behind every object and backdrop and nook in this North Bay Lifestyle Shoot, and they are all meaningful and touching.  Here’s the problem…

Once I look at this little man’s face, I am in the present.  I forget about history, that I have a headache, and even the news of the World.  Bodhi (pronounced “Boe-dee”) has that effect on me!  Just look at his squishy cheeks, those soulful eyes, the perfectly messy soft curls on his head, his flirty smile, and the delicious fat rolls…and you’ll see what I mean.

Alright, you may begin ogling now.  (That means me!)  :)



Newborn Evy

Baby Evelyn (nicknamed “Evy”) was born on October 11th, almost 2 weeks early.  Even at 5 tiny pounds, she is alert and moves all around like she can’t wait to go on a run with mom!

During my morning photographing this precious little girl, I was the most impressed with how relaxed and at ease her parents were.  They don’t even seem like first-time parents!  Brent and Heather made jokes when the diaper exploded and were tickled by the expressions Evy made.

There was nothing Evy could do that would make them unhappy or stressed.  It was so refreshing to watch.

Sleepy Evy

Love At First Sight

True Colors

Doing Push-Ups

This is seriously one of the funniest newborn photos ever, am I right?!!   :)

Evy was lifting her legs as if attempting to get up and began “rooting” (finding mom with her mouth) the blanket.  In this shot, she is doing both simultaneously.


Pumpkin Baby Announcement

Smiles and ZZZZs

Favorite Holiday

Halloween is Heather and Brent’s favorite holiday, so it was perfect timing to give birth to Evy in October.

Favorite Pumpkin

Guess which pumpkin is Heather and Brent’s favorite?  And don’t say the round one on the right!  :)

Newborn Boo and Boo

Nope, no one got hurt (not a “boo boo”) and I am not referring to Halloween (not a scary “BOO!”)

Last weekend, I had a Lifestyle Newborn Photography session with a little baby, nicknamed Boo, who was scheduled to arrive in November.

Baby Olive surprised us all with her almost one-month earlier arrival.  Mommy Kristin had a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but in the end, all is well and wonderful as she now has 4 babies snuggled beside her.  (Two of the babies are furry ones!)

The other Boo is Baby Olive’s sister who resembles the Monster’s Inc character.  Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean…




First Time Together

Outdoor Play

Doesn’t Mica look like Boo from Monster’s Inc?  Adorable, right?!!


Learning By Example

When your older siblings are dogs, well, some things are inevitable.   ;)

Family Love

Newborn Vivienne

This little snugglebug waited one week past her due date to make her grand entrance into the World.  I had the privilege of being one of THE first people ever to meet Vivienne!  She was only 5 days new.

What an honor it is to document this incredible, life-changing time for The P Family, whom I have been photographing for many years.

I wanted to narrate the images below because so many of them speak to me, to my heart.  But I just can’t.  Sometimes words can dilute the impact of the images.

So here is my sneak peek from this San Francisco Newborn Photography session…



Newborn Photography: Amazing Grace

Hi.  My name is Grace and I was born on December 18.  My parents, Gina and Jason, call me “Amazing Grace”.

They also call me “Woo-Woo” sometimes.  I’m still trying to figure that one out.

I love the way my mom looks at me.  Even after I eat, burp and spit some of my milk back up, she still smiles at me!

My dad spoils me with hugs, kisses and even gives me a blinky.  That’s what he calls a bling-binky. 

If I like bling when I’m older, I’ll tell him it was his fault.   :)

As far as activities go, I love laying on the mat that has all these cool toys that hang from the top.

Sometimes my mom and dad put me down on my tummy, and I’m facing the floor!  So lately, I’ve needed to take matters into my own hands.

I’ve been learning to push with my arms and am starting to roll over!  Now I can see the hanging toys whenever I want.

My mom and dad make a lot of noise with their hands and show me their teeth whenever I do this.

This is Skitty.  My mom says they named her that because she is a skittish kitty, so they combined the words. 

Does that mean they’ll change my name to Amazingrace?  But isn’t that a TV show?


Another interesting fact about my parents is that they get distracted when I coo and smile. 

Look how my dad can’t finish reading his newspaper without looking at me!

I am smitten with my mom and dad.  But, shhhhh — don’t tell them I said that.  I’ll tell them myself, when I am a bit older.

All this story-telling has tired me out.  I am only 2.5 months old, for Pete’s sake.  Good….ni….

Dear Gina and Jason,

THANK YOU for inviting me into your home to photograph your beautiful family!  Baby Grace is amazing indeed!



Newborn Adelin

Yesterday’s Newborn Lifestyle Photography session was of Baby Adelin who was incredibly alert and awake for 3 weeks old.  Lucky for her parents, she likes to stay awake for long portions of the day, so she can sleep more at night.  (Adeline is one smart baby!)

Here are a few fun images I captured from our morning together….

At Home

I See The Treat

Crib Woes

Really.  I Don’t Have Any More Food.  See??

Cuddling In The Yard

Eye Contact and A Handshake

Congratulations, Leslie and Michael! 

What a wonderful ride you are in for with a little one!  I am so honored to be a part of this amazing life milestone with you.



Newborn Photography: Ellie at 3 Days

Here is an incredible timeline:

Friday 11/16:  Ellie’s Due Date

Thursday 11/29:  Ellie’s actual birth (Notice this is 2 weeks after her due date!)

Saturday 12/1:  Ellie left the hospital

Sunday 12/2:  Ellie had her Newborn Shoot!!!!

As anyone would expect, Michele (Ellie’s mommy) and I were pretty enthusiastic about Ellie’s arrival, so we had her photoshoot as early as possible.  Rain or shine.  And trust me, it RAINED HARD!  (So hard that my other 2 shoots were rescheduled!)

My Youngest Client Ever

Let’s get to the good stuff.  Meet Ellie, my youngest client ever, and her very proud and loving family….

I love the color and texture contrast.

I don’t think any woman is supposed to look THIS good 3 days after giving birth!

Oh my goodness.  Ellie has the poutiest pink lips ever!

With Ellie’s birth, Kate is now a Big Sister!  Woot woot!

Now this is pure joy and love!

Ellie is dreaming of cold milk or that she is trapped in a Tundra!  hee hee.

Okay, she hopefully doesn’t feel that cold.  Al and Michele kept the rooms toasty for Ellie.  I do wonder what babies dream about to produce these great faces though!

Michele’s first full day home with Ellie meant she could focus on all of Ellie’s amazingness!  (I’m making that a word!)

Christmas came early for the T family.  Or is it that Thanksgiving came late?!!  Either way, Ellie is a precious gift of love.

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