Newborn Photography: Amazing Grace

Hi.  My name is Grace and I was born on December 18.  My parents, Gina and Jason, call me “Amazing Grace”.

They also call me “Woo-Woo” sometimes.  I’m still trying to figure that one out.

I love the way my mom looks at me.  Even after I eat, burp and spit some of my milk back up, she still smiles at me!

My dad spoils me with hugs, kisses and even gives me a blinky.  That’s what he calls a bling-binky. 

If I like bling when I’m older, I’ll tell him it was his fault.   🙂

As far as activities go, I love laying on the mat that has all these cool toys that hang from the top.

Sometimes my mom and dad put me down on my tummy, and I’m facing the floor!  So lately, I’ve needed to take matters into my own hands.

I’ve been learning to push with my arms and am starting to roll over!  Now I can see the hanging toys whenever I want.

My mom and dad make a lot of noise with their hands and show me their teeth whenever I do this.

This is Skitty.  My mom says they named her that because she is a skittish kitty, so they combined the words. 

Does that mean they’ll change my name to Amazingrace?  But isn’t that a TV show?


Another interesting fact about my parents is that they get distracted when I coo and smile. 

Look how my dad can’t finish reading his newspaper without looking at me!

I am smitten with my mom and dad.  But, shhhhh — don’t tell them I said that.  I’ll tell them myself, when I am a bit older.

All this story-telling has tired me out.  I am only 2.5 months old, for Pete’s sake.  Good….ni….

Dear Gina and Jason,

THANK YOU for inviting me into your home to photograph your beautiful family!  Baby Grace is amazing indeed!



Newborn Adelin

Yesterday’s Newborn Lifestyle Photography session was of Baby Adelin who was incredibly alert and awake for 3 weeks old.  Lucky for her parents, she likes to stay awake for long portions of the day, so she can sleep more at night.  (Adeline is one smart baby!)

Here are a few fun images I captured from our morning together….

At Home

I See The Treat

Crib Woes

Really.  I Don’t Have Any More Food.  See??

Cuddling In The Yard

Eye Contact and A Handshake

Congratulations, Leslie and Michael! 

What a wonderful ride you are in for with a little one!  I am so honored to be a part of this amazing life milestone with you.



Newborn Photography: Ellie at 3 Days

Here is an incredible timeline:

Friday 11/16:  Ellie’s Due Date

Thursday 11/29:  Ellie’s actual birth (Notice this is 2 weeks after her due date!)

Saturday 12/1:  Ellie left the hospital

Sunday 12/2:  Ellie had her Newborn Shoot!!!!

As anyone would expect, Michele (Ellie’s mommy) and I were pretty enthusiastic about Ellie’s arrival, so we had her photoshoot as early as possible.  Rain or shine.  And trust me, it RAINED HARD!  (So hard that my other 2 shoots were rescheduled!)

My Youngest Client Ever

Let’s get to the good stuff.  Meet Ellie, my youngest client ever, and her very proud and loving family….

I love the color and texture contrast.

I don’t think any woman is supposed to look THIS good 3 days after giving birth!

Oh my goodness.  Ellie has the poutiest pink lips ever!

With Ellie’s birth, Kate is now a Big Sister!  Woot woot!

Now this is pure joy and love!

Ellie is dreaming of cold milk or that she is trapped in a Tundra!  hee hee.

Okay, she hopefully doesn’t feel that cold.  Al and Michele kept the rooms toasty for Ellie.  I do wonder what babies dream about to produce these great faces though!

Michele’s first full day home with Ellie meant she could focus on all of Ellie’s amazingness!  (I’m making that a word!)

Christmas came early for the T family.  Or is it that Thanksgiving came late?!!  Either way, Ellie is a precious gift of love.

[Click here to see photos from Michele’s Maternity Shoot from this September or their very first shoot with me from 2009!]

Newborn Photography: Will The Thrill

Yesterday’s Lifestyle Newborn Photography session in the East Bay was thrilling as Will The Thrill was the main attraction!  🙂

Rocking Vespa


Will The Thrill

On a Cloud

In Daddy’s Arms

In The Light of the Nursery

Lines and Macaroni

Baby toes are curled like mini macaroni.  Tee hee.


Waiting For a Treat

Hanging Out With Momma

A Family Walk


Some kids have a difficult time sharing the spotlight after being The Only Child before #2 arrives, but not Felicity.  She couldn’t wait.

Yesterday’s newborn photography session was in downtown San Francisco.  Meet Baby Aidan’s sister…


Waiting Patiently

At Last!

Never Too Many Kisses

Happiness is Being A Big Sister  🙂

I can’t get away with blogging about a newborn shoot without showing a photo of the baby!  Here is Aidan at 14 days old…

On the Piano

No Props Necessary

Yesterday’s East Bay newborn photography session was a perfect example of why you don’t need a lot of props and gizmos for a great newborn session.

All you need is a blanket, some wipes and diapers, a heater, warm milk and a couple of loving parents.  Check, check, check, check, check!

Sweet Caroline

Baby Caroline is so advanced that she will be narrating this sneak peek!  🙂

Dreaming of Milk

I always dream of happy things when my parents are holding my hands.


My Latest Trick

Check out my neck control and how alert I am at 4 weeks old!

Big Bro

This is my brother, Oliver.  We don’t look very much alike.  He has green eyes.

He hides under the bed and sleeps in the sink.  He’s teaching me a lot!  I’ll have to try that some day when I’m older.

My Folks

Mommy gives the best kisses.  She is my first love.

This is my dad.  He loves holding me, and I always feel better when he does!


All this modeling stuff is making me tired!

Enjoy your first Mother’s Day, Brie!  Your gallery will be ready for viewing in about a week.



A Sparkly Mineral and Furry Kisses

This morning’s San Francisco Bay Area newborn photography session was of baby Mica who gave her parents a little surprise:  arriving 2 weeks early!

Since Mommy is a Geologist, it only makes sense that her name, Mica, is a mineral that sparkles!  How poetic and pretty.

Little Miss Mica

Look how alert Miss Mica is at only 6 days old!

All the Details

Capturing newborn details includes those teeny tiny feet, the wee little face, the itty bitty bum…. and even the dried umbilical cord stump.  🙂

Though it may look unattractive to some people, the cord is a beautiful detail because it marks the newness of the baby as the cord is only there for a short time.

Checking Out Her Baby Sister

One of the fun aspects of newborn photography is capturing images of the parents with their baby, but also the reactions and interactions with the baby’s siblings.  In some cases, the siblings are furry ones.

Below is Luna checking out her baby sister.

Sniffing each other…

Family Time

Family time includes wet furry kisses, of course.

Family time also includes lounging on the couch.  (The black Lab feet you see on the right is Billie’s, Mica’s other older sister.)

The Kiss

First off, let me just say it.  You know you’re thinking it!  Kristin is model-gorgeous and yes, she gave birth not even a week ago!  Okay, let us move on…  😉

This is one of my favorite shots from today’s session.

Just from the image, you can tell that Mommy’s kiss was gentle and heartfelt.  You can also tell that Daddy Jimmy was holding Mica.  What is the cherry on top of the sundae here is that Mica is looking directly at him!  It’s such a precious moment.

Congratulations, Kristin, Jimmy, Billie and Luna! 

Baby Mica is an amazing little person and a great addition to your loving family.  I am so honored to be one of the first people to meet her and the first to photograph her!  



Newborn Bunny

My newborn photography session this afternoon was of a little bunny, Sophia, who was born on December 13, 2011 at 2:28am.

Bunny Sophia


According to the Chinese Zodiac, Sophia is born in the Year of the Rabbit.


The Details

I love how gently newborns close their eyes… I guess it’s because they’re dreaming about warm milk and cuddles!


I also love baby shoulders and all their beautiful peach fuzz.


This baby feet shot is especially sweet because Sophia was stretching at the time, so it is a very active shot.

I framed the shot to include the side of the chair, but from the top-down view, it looks like she is leaping off the floor!


One Proud Papa


Laying Awake in Bed

Should we get her a magazine?  Tee hee.

This shot is a great example of challenging your own vision.  I envisioned this bed in front of the beautiful island in my client’s kitchen.  Due to the angle I needed to take the shot and positioning of the window (aka, our light source), the shot wasn’t what I wanted, so I changed it up.

Jessica (the bunny’s mom) and I carefully moved the bed, so the light blanketed the front of Sophia and the shadow from the headboard was no longer on her face.  Since she was not aligned with the kitchen’s island anymore, I shot from above.  Oooh, mama like!

From this viewpoint, you can see the contrast of the soft bed and pudgy baby (look at those cheeks!!!!!) against the dark, hardwood floor.


THE BEST Christmas Present Ever


Holding On


A Grandma’s Touch

Just like the astrology dictates, babies born in the Year of the Rabbit are surrounded by friends and family.

Sophia would barely murmur and her Grandma would swiftly appear and soothe Sophia to sleep in a mere minute.  (Where can I get one of these Grandmas with magic hands?!)

The combination of how Grandma is attentive to Sophia, Sophia’s obvious contentment, and the gorgeous window light make this shot especially serene.


Line Patterns

I love the line pattern on Grandma’s shirt and Sophia’s hair.  I balanced the composition with a hint of mom looking over at her baby bunny.


Newborn Baby B

Sometimes BIG blessings come in small packages.

This little angel was born on October 11, 2011.

Here is a tiny peek of Baby B who was 6 days new at yesterday’s Bay Area newborn photography session.

Little Angel


Fat Rolls

Ya gotta love ’em.


Naked Baby

Once we tasked Craig (the daddy) with coming up with something to write on the chalkboard, he was unstoppable!  🙂

I know Baby B will laugh a lot as she grows older because her daddy is one funny guy!


A BIG congratulations to Judy and Craig on their beautiful, healthy baby girl!  It is such a treat to photograph Baby B when she was still cookin’ in the oven….and then right after she entered the World!  I feel so immensely grateful and honored to document the beginnings of her life.

Much love to the Y Family!



Lilah and Ramsey

My newborn photography session yesterday was in San Francisco, my favorite city in the World.  It was of a beautiful little girl, Lilah, who was born on July 16, 2011 at 9:35am.

Swaddling Lilah

I took this shot from the back of the bed.  There’s something so innocent and sweet about this moment captured. 



Isn’t she just darling with her bent arm pose and girlie flower hat?!!


Best Place To Be

The best place to be is in the safe, warm and loving arms of her parents.


Future Pianist

This piano was passed down from a few generations.  I love the contrast between the old (the piano) and the new (baby Lilah)!



One of my favorite shots!  This shot was taken in between sets.

Daddy was holding Lilah who had been crying from being naked and tired.  (It’s tough being a model when you’re only 10 days old!)

Leeron made it look so easy with his gentle shhhh sound and foot rub… Lilah always stopped crying within seconds!


Something Simple

We thought of many interesting backdrops and had many fun baby props, but in the end, something simple can work just as well!

The lines from the wooden deck, glass door and sun/shade is what makes this shot visually interesting.  And, of course, Lilah looks so sweet sleeping!

We actually put her here to get the next shot (see below right), but Lilah was so peaceful that I found another way to get this shot when Ramsey was no longer interested in sticking around.  I love how it turned out!


“Ramsey, Meet your New Baby Sister!”

San-Francisco-newborn-photography-cat-by-the-door San-Francisco-newborn-photography-cat-checking-out-the-baby

“Family Portrait”

My Family, as seen from the viewpoint of Ramsey the cat!   🙂