Art Drive

I am drooling over my new Art Drive!  (Okay, maybe not actual drooling, but I’m super excited!)

I switched USB companies to one that offers laser engravings and also allows more print space on the back.  I love holding these solid wood beauties in my hand, flicking the cover on and off to hear the magnet stick, and touching the engraved logo.  This is so calming to me, like listening to a babbling brook.

zzzzzz….huh, sorry, I fell asleep from all the relaxation.  ;)

These beauties will hold my client’s precious artwork and memories, so they have to be great!   <3



ATP-oval-USB-opened-on-bamboo  ATP-oval-USB-engraving-closeup



Fine Art Book

I’ve been in business for many years and encountered numerous nice albums — none of which, however, compare to the company I use for my Fine Art Books.  I’m not bragging; just tellin’ it like it is.  :)

My Fine Art Books are polished and modern, not stuffy and boring.  The images are printed directly on the pages — and we’re talking THICK pages, not the thin magazine-style pages  — and images can run to the very edge.  The paper is heavy like a book cover and MATTE like an art book.

[Warning:  Don't be upset at your friends when they can't stop touching the pages when you show them your book!]

Thick is Better

The thick cover is a laminated hard cover that is durable and washable.  It matches well with the super thick pages of the book.



Touchable Paper

The pages are matte, not glossy, which will make everyone want to touch it!  And don’t worry, the paper is smudge-proof and will not show fingerprints.

The special paper uses archival inks and enhances colors so every image looks vibrant.



Lay Flat Pages

My favorite feature are the lay flat pages!  That means, there are no ugly gutters (the white line in the middle of a spread where the pages bend).  When you turn each page, the pages lay flat.

With lay flat pages, you can really get photos to stand out by using the entire space… from edge to edge.  So in a 10×10 book, a full spread image like the one below is a 10×20 photo!  This is a terrific way to showcase a large quantity of artwork from your photoshoot in beautiful, look-at-me sizes.

Since there are no gutters, you can put important elements, like faces, anywhere on the page.  It is THAT fabulous!


Modern Design

My design aesthetic is simple and clean.  I will design your Fine Art Book to reflect this modern style.


More Details:

* Each book has 30 pages (15 spreads).

* Additional spreads can be added.  See the Investment page for specifics.

* Leather cover upgrades are available.

* 4×4 Brag Books are available with a 10×10 Fine Art Book order.  They are miniature versions of the larger book, and the quality is just as impressive.  Brag Books make the most amazing gifts!

Process once you’ve ordered:

* The creation process is simple.  All your images will be organized into 3 folders:
List #1:  Must Haves
List #2:  Nice To Have
List #3:  Definitely Do Not Want in the book.

* You provide me with List #1 and List #3.  List #1 (Must Haves) should be 20 or fewer images.  List #3 (do not want) is usually the smallest list.  List #2 (Nice to Have) is usually the largest.  I will make sure all the images in List #1 make it in your book, and I will source the remaining images from List #2.  On average, there will be 40+ images in your book.

Why does my Must Haves list need to be so small when I love so many more images?  Because I require some room for creativity when designing your book!  When you flip through your book, there needs to be a cohesive story.  So make sure that you’ve narrowed your Must Have list to only your absolute-favorite-favorites!  These are the images that will make you lose sleep if they didn’t make it into your book.  :)

* Once I’ve received your order payment and you’ve provided me with List #1 and #3, I can start designing your book!

* You can view a draft in about 3 weeks.

* You will have up to 2 edits, if necessary (ie, swap a photo for another, switch a photo position).

* Once I receive sign-off, I will fine-tune your book and send it to my book company.  It takes the book company about 3 weeks to craft the book, and an additional week for shipment.


The Mini Storybook

What’s small AND luxurious?

My new product:  The Mini Storybook!

It’s a handcrafted leather-bound book.  It’s mini and cute, just like your little munchkins.  It is professionally press-printed and is hinged for easy flipping.  The Mini Storybook is cuter than a bunny!

5×5 of Deliciousness


Hinged Pages

These books come with 20 pages (total of 20 images), which makes it a perfect size to tell a short story.

Semi-Gloss Finish

The colors resemble photo paper, and the paper feels like a high-end magazine.

Each photo extends across the entire page — edge to edge — to maximize visibility of your beloved photos.

Luxury Covers

Covers come in genuine vintage leather or suede.

My favorite is this vintage leather (shown below) in the color “Aviator”.

Cover Options

  Vintage leather colors (L to R):  Charcoal, Camel, Saddle and Aviator

  Suede colors (L to R):  Rust, Burnt Orange, Cream, Olive Green and Midnight Blue


*More Info About The Mini Storybook*

This product is available for a limited time.

Currently, it is not offered a la carte.  It is only available in an exclusive package for digital files.  (Digital files are now stored on an eco-friendly bamboo flash drive, another new product for 2014!)

Please keep in mind that all photos will be cropped into a square dimension, 5×5″.  Due to the tricky nature of a square design element, I will choose the best photos from your session for your storybook.  If you have 1 to 3 favorites that you absolutely want to include (that can be cropped), let me know and I promise to do my best.

There is no draft to review; You will receive your custom-created storybook with the rest of your product package and know that it was all made with my care and love.  <3

*Please Note*

If you would like a book that contains images that are not cropped into a square shape OR want a book that contains more images OR prefer to have more input on image-selection, then you want The Book of Love.  The Book of Love is a 10×10 Fine Art Book with super thick matte pages that do not bend.  There is no gutter (a line in the middle of a spread) and thus, images can be printed up to 10×20 in size.

In comparison, the Mini Storybook is for telling short stories, like having a luxurious brag book, whereas The Book of Love is for telling longer stories, so you can enjoy more images from your shoot.

Specialty Frames

These limited-edition specialty frames are unique and chic!

The slightly distressed edges give them added character and enhance the distinctive shape.  These beauties arrive fully-assembled and ready-to-hang.  I know how hard you work.  This is the least I could do!  :)


[This Specialty Frame is a 12x12 Mia design in Antique White.  I looooooove it!]

Check out these details:

~ There are 4 frame designs (named after my monkeys, of course) and 3 color choices.   *2015 UPDATE: THERE ARE MORE DESIGNS AND NEW COLORS!

~ The cost of the frame includes the professional print!

~ The print is mounted on a foam board to ensure it stays flat in the frame for a sleeker look.

~ The necessary hardware — including rubber bumpers to protect your walls — will be assembled.  All you have to do is take it out of the box, unwrap, hang and enjoy!

~ Specialty frames come in sizes up to 20×20 and are perfect for baby, senior and family portraits.



Designs and Colors

Brooklyn in Slate Sky:  *NEW DESIGN*


Courtney in Pink Hydrangea:  *NEW DESIGN*


Josie in Antique White:  *NEW DESIGN*


Ian in Charcoal:


Mia in Lemonade (landscape) and Chocolate (portrait):

MaryAnn-lemonade-8x10     Maryann-espresso

Ava in Tahitian Water and Midnight:


Johnny-tahitiansky-8x8       Johnny-black


Lemonade (light yellow)

Tahitian Sky (aqua)

Slate Sky (greyish-blue)

Pink hydrangea (light pink)

Charcoal (dark grey)

Midnight (black)

Chocolate (dark brown) 

Antique white  *my fave!


Sizes11×14, 12×12, 16×16, 16×20, 20×20  (For the Ava frame, sizes are 10×10, 12×12, and 16×16.)

To order your Specialty Frame, simply email me with the image number, frame design, color and size.   :)

Bamboo Isn’t Just For Pandas

CDs are a thing of the past as many computers no longer come equipped with CD drives, but they all have USB ports.  So I scoured the Earth for THE BEST way to deliver digital files to my amazing clients.  Presenting…. drumroll please....

Bamboo Drives!

I am so in love with these little guys.  No kidding.  I have one on my desk, just so I can look at it! 

They are made of real bamboo.  You’ll love it, even if you’re not a panda!  ;)

There is also an aluminum clip, which swivels, so you can protect the USB connector when its not in use.

I will put your beautiful bamboo baby in an eco-friendly cloth bag, so it’s warm and snug while it travels to you.

I am so excited to offer these to my amazing clients!

Why I Offer Products

When I first started my business, I didn’t plan on selling products at all.  Did you know that?  That’s a little odd, right?!!

A year or two later, I offered prints, with hopes that no one will actually buy any!  At the time, the photoshoots themselves were all that I loved, so that’s all that I wanted to do.  Shoot and burn, they call it.

Now, I feel differently.

I’m still more of a “service-based photographer” than a “product-based photographer”, but I do offer a larger array of products.  I do this because I’ve done years of diligent research, like order prints of the same photo from 10 different labs to compare quality; and now I offer an array of premium products that I am proud of and believe cannot be matched in the market.

I want my clients to have these premium products, so they can be proud of them and feel happy when they look at them!

Accordian Fun Books

I switched companies this year because these accordian books allow me to put an image on it.

The cover has this lustrous texture that I just want to touch.  No kidding, I even went around my house making everyone touch it because it was so cool!

It also comes built with a hidden magnetic closure, so the books can stay closed and protected.

Specialty Frames

Only since 2014 did I add a small collection of frame styles to my product list.  The one shown below is one I have on my wall at home, and I look at it every day.  What can I say?  It brings me joy!

These Specialty Frames are unique and chic.



Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

I also switched canvas companies this year.  My canvases now come slightly thinner (the wooden frame is about 1 1/4″ thick instead of 1 1/2″), which makes it lighter and easier to hang.

Another difference is this gorgeous back!

Instead of a dust cover, which is a piece of paper that keeps the dust from getting trapped behind the canvas, this company uses a thick board.  It is studier and has a cleaner finish.

My favorite part of these canvases (and the main reason why I switched companies) is because of the tightly wrapped corners.

Standout Mounts

I haven’t changed companies for my standout mounts since I first started offering them many years ago because “you don’t fix what ain’t broke”!  (Notice how the photo below has my old logo?  Ha!)

These standout mounts are the best.  They are the only ones with a hard edge rather than a foam one.  I see this as a modern take on the gallery-wrapped canvas.

Click here for more info about my standout mounts.

Metal Prints

Images printed on metal instead of paper.  Need I say more?  Click here for more info about metal prints.

Proof Books

I blogged about this not long ago, but I really can’t say enough good things about these proof books.

I love the binding and that each image is printed on individual sheets rather than large sheets with a collection of small images.  These little cuties act more like brag books after you’ve made your order, so they have two roles!

Fine Art Books

After years of research, I found this book company that I love.  Years after that, I have seen more album companies, and this is still my favorite!

The feel and thickness of the pages not only make this Fine Art Book luxurious, but also, modern.




Products That Bring You Joy

My spending philosophy:  save money on the things that are easily substitutable and splurge on the things that bring joy to your heart.

Whether they are books you can flip through, a Happy Wall that you walk past every day, or one ginormous canvas in your entryway, choose to have physical products from your photoshoots because there is something really special in having tangible Art than leaving them as digital files on your computer.

[Notes:  Starting in 2014, I no longer sell CDs, which is shown in the client order photo above.  I now offer USB Drives made of metal and bamboo!]

[Specialty Frames and Fine Art Books were added to this blog post in June 2015.]

Proof Books

Cute and little.  Just like my monkeys.

One of the products I’ve had for awhile, but realized recently that I haven’t blogged about yet, is proof books.  You can get one for any type of shoot: family, newborn, maternity, event.

The proof books I offer are bound with a heavy spiral and have a thick flexible backing and cover.  It’s like a little brag book.

I love these little books so much that I order them for my own personal photos, like the one shown here, is of my pregnancy and birth photos of my little Ava.  I have a bunch of these books and flip through them all the time.

The reason why I print proof books for myself, in case you’re wondering, is because I have soooooo many photos of my family.  We’re talking six figures!  There is no way I can make albums of all of them or even attempt to find a select few to place in an album.

So instead, I print each “event” into these little bound books.  Voila!  A mini album for me to gaze at lovingly.  :)

With most images being digital these days, it is really important to have your favorites printed.

Whether the images are in an album or as artwork on your walls, there is something so much cooler about being able to touch a physical product.

Metal Prints

Presenting one of the coolest print products around:  Metal Prints!

Metal Prints are sleek.  Modern.  Unique.  They render colors beautifully.  They are Gorgeous with a capital G!

Metal Prints are photographs that are printed directly onto metal.

Once you hold one in your hands, you’ll want to touch it over and over, I swear!  That’s what I did.


The corners are rounded for heightened coolness… and I SUPPOSE for safety too!  ;)

For the holidays, I created 6×6 and 5×7 metal prints and added a magnet in the back.  They make terrific gifts!  You can also display them with an easel for these smaller sizes too.

*NEW Metal Bracket*

For larger sizes (8×8 and larger), there will be a metal bracket added to the back for a super cool way to hang it on a wall!

(You can still opt to have a bare metal back, if you know you’d like to display your metal print on an easel or leaned against something for a table or shelf display.  Just let me know when you order it.)


Annie-Tao-Photography-products-metal-print-with-bracket-5  Annie-Tao-Photography-products-metal-print-with-bracket-1

There is an opening with teeth for stability when hanging and rubber feet on the bracket to protect your wall from scratches.


[For pricing and size information, email me or to see the full product list, click here to go to my Products Page.]

HO-HO-HOliday Cards

Tis the season to start thinking about holiday cards! I know, I know… it’s only October.

Believe it or not, I am already shopping around for my family’s holiday card design and figuring out which images I want to feature this year!  So I thought it was time to update my Tinyprints Storefront with my favorite designs!

Check them out by clicking here:

It’s never too early to plan.  The holiday season will be here before we know it!


Size Matters

When you are displaying photos on your walls — whether they are prints, standout mounts or canvas wraps — size matters!

There are still a few people who think 8×10 is “large”… gasp.  Unless you are hanging a collection of photos for a wall gallery, you should consider a MINIMUM of 16×20.  Minimum.

Here is another example…

This is a corner of my office.  Last year, when I chose a canvas wrap to go over the chaise, I thought I’d go huuuuge and chose a 30×30!

After I hung it up, I was surprised to see just how dwarfed it looked hung up.  This is a small space with a narrow wall, yet a larger size canvas would have looked better here.

If you are an ATP client and need help with sizes that best fit the walls in your home, contact me and I’d be happy to help!  I want your home to look dazzling because, well, size matters!