About Me

I love laughing, learning, playing with kids, my kids, being silly, photography, eating, books with happy endings, movies that make me think, traveling to foreign countries, creating art, my husband, my dog – but maybe not in that order! I love the smell of fresh air, fresh laundry and my children’s skin after a bath.

I used to pride myself on being a thrill-seeker because I’ve gone skydiving, cliff diving, bungee cord jumping, ziplining in a Cloud Forest, SCUBA diving in caves at night, trekking through remote regions of the World and fishing for piranhas while surrounded by hungry alligators. Since having children, I find happiness and thrills from making up games with my kids, exploring our neighborhood and playing cooperative Halo on our Xbox with my husband after the kids are asleep!

My photography business started after shooting for over 15 years. With my business, I found incredible joy and inner peace doing what I have felt passionate about for most of my life. In 2009, I expanded my business to include commercial and event photography, which has brought a nice balance to my creative work palette.

I feel fortunate to have a career that I absolutely love and am proud of while also being able to spend quality time with my funny monkeys, Mia, Ian and Ava. It is because of my kids that I am inspired every day to be a better parent, photographer and role model.


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