Your Session


All sessions are on-location. Locations can be almost anywhere:  a park, the woods, the city, your home, a laundromat, a barn, a candy store! Choose a location that is meaningful to you or just one that you like.

The time of day is key in determining the quality of light, so your session will either be held early morning or late afternoon.

Sessions are relaxed and low key. It is a time to be yourself or, if there are multiple subjects, to interact with one another. If everyone is enjoying themselves, then I can capture personalities, real smiles and genuine moments.

When there are children, it is important to not force them to “perform” in front of the camera. Your session will be a time to play with them and let them do what kids do – run, jump, climb, make silly faces and play games. Just have fun!

To me, your entire journey is important — from booking your session all the way to receiving your order. I am sincerely honored when my clients trust me with documenting their lives through photography, so it is my personal and professional mission to give you my 100%!


Ready to book your session?

~ Go to the Contact Me page and tell me who you are, what kind of shoot you want and when you’d like to have your shoot. That will get the ball rolling!

~ I will email you some dates I have available and ask you to fill out a super duper short questionnaire — ie, Who will be photographed? 

~ You can type your answers directly into the questionnaire, then email it back to me.

~ After I have your date and questionnaire, I will be able to draft your contract.  You are almost there!

~ I will send you a contract along with a document that will help you prepare for your session.

~ Once I receive your signed contract and retainer, you are booked!  Woohoooo!