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My name is Annie Tao. I am a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in lifestyle photography where you get to play, hang out, and be yourself. I capture the moments, real emotions and stories that occur during our time together. Check here often or subscribe to my blog (RSS feed) to see what I am up to or get creative inspiration. Thanks for visiting!

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The Buzz

My Philosophy

I scoured through thousands of my client photos and pondered my philosophy on photographing people.  What I realized was that my philosophy was incredibly simple.

Looking at all these gorgeous faces and families, my heart melts a little.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.   ~annie

Want to see more?  Yippeee… here’s a video on why you should choose Lifestyle Photography.

The Other Side of a Selfie

I ain’t gonna lie.  I take selfies just like the rest of the under 35 population — except I am allegedly above that number, but shhhhh!

Anyhow, what I find horrendously awful, yet funny are the stories I read about how some teens and 20-somethings spend HOURS, if not most of the day, taking hundreds of photos to get that one perfect selfie to post on social media.  It is to a point of addiction, but of what?  Self-promotion?  Self-consciousness?  Validation of self-worth?

I don’t know exactly, but I do think it needs to get under control soon because I’d hate for my kids to grow up in a society where their internal happiness is governed by how many views they get or how many people clicked “like”!

With that said, I thought I’d show everyone just how funny “the perfect selfie” can be…or more like, NOT PERFECT!  :)

[Note:  these shots were taken with my iPhone.]

My Selfie


The OTHER SIDE of my Selfie


I was about to step out to meet with my friend, and I didn’t do the dishes yet.  They’re not even pretty dishes…they’re kids’ plastic and melanine dishes that don’t break.  There’s also some trash on the counter.  In the background of my selfie, you actually can make out some plastic from bread rolls and a half bottle of a “one buck chuck”!  I think I didn’t finish putting on my lipstick either…or maybe I just ate something?!!  Well, this is where there was nice light, so I stood next to my dirty dishes.  And I needed to leave, so I didn’t fuss with anything.  Whole thing took about 15 seconds.

Funny, right?!!

Let’s keep it this way, folks!  Don’t aim for Perfection.  Aim for Realism!  Be real.  Be you.

And know that the only “like” you need is the one you give yourself.



The Pink Balloon

Hmmmm….what could the pink balloon stand for?!!  ;)

SQUEEEEE!!!  I’m so excited for The S Family!

This Lifestyle Maternity Photography session was a relaxing stroll through Louisa’s alma mater:  Stanford!  We went to areas that weren’t as iconic because, let’s be honest, those areas are… “been there, done that”!  :)  However, we did stumble upon areas that were unknowingly closed for construction, dried up, or scary-looking (haha), but we still had fun wherever we went!




Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-family-sitting-together-talking  Bay-Area-lifestyle-children-photography-toddler-boy-looking-left


Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-ground-level-view-of-tall-grass-and-weeds  Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-pregnant-woman-holding-toddler-sons-hand-thru-tall-grass


Bay-Area-lifestyle-family-photography-family-of-three-almost-four-walking  Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-some-weird-purple-prickly-plant




Twirling in the Garden

Lifestyle Family Photography sessions with young children are all about being flexible and going with the flow of whatever the kids feel!

So in this beautiful garden setting, we had doll-eating, twirling, silly face-making, hopping like a bunny, hand-holding, high-flying feet kicking, gummy-chewing, flower-smelling, and wearing of special hats for the parents!  You’ll see what I mean about the “special hats” below.  :)

And loving.  There were hugs and love to be found throughout my afternoon with The G-L family!




Bay-Area-lifestyle-photography-wild-flowers  Bay-Area-lifestyle-children-photography-young-girl-smiling-in-hut