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My name is Annie Tao. I am a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in lifestyle photography where you get to play, hang out, and be yourself. I capture the moments, real emotions and stories that occur during our time together. Check here often or subscribe to my blog (RSS feed) to see what I am up to or get creative inspiration. Thanks for visiting!

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The Buzz

My Philosophy

I scoured through thousands of my client photos and pondered my philosophy on photographing people.  What I realized was that my philosophy was incredibly simple.

Looking at all these gorgeous faces and families, my heart melts a little.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.   ~annie

Want to see more?  Yippeee… here’s a video on why you should choose Lifestyle Photography.

Commercial Photography: Today’s Language

Today’s language of creativity is coding.

One of the most revered innovators in the World, Steve Jobs, said:  “Everyone should know how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”  And that is why The Coder School is expanding across the country faster than you can…  Look, there’s another one!  (See what I mean?!! :) )

This is a sneak peek from this week’s shoot at The Coder School in San Mateo.  It is the first location I’ve seen with a floor-to-ceiling photo from my first shoot with them in Berkeley.  I loOoOoOoVe it so much!  ❤️


san-mateo-peninsula-commercial-photography-boy-student-thinking-during-coding-class  san-mateo-peninsula-commercial-photography-coder-school-door-with-fall-leaves-reflection










Just for fun, I HAVE TO share some quotes I found that made me laugh, and laughing is good for us!  :)

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job.  Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”   ~ Bill Gates

“If at first you don’t succeed.  Call it Version 1.0.”  ~unknown

Looking Forward

When clients tell me they look forward to their photoshoot every year, I may respond with a calm “oh, that’s so nice”, but what I want to say is:  “SQUEEEE!  ME TOO!  ME TOO!!!”

Shooting repeat clients through the years means catching up with friends, watching their kids grow up, visiting their new homes, hearing about transitions like new careers, and getting to bond with their little ones.  So every year, I can’t wait!

Last weekend’s shoot with Christine, Kevin and little KJ was like this.  At one point, Kevin said to his now-talking-and-running toddler, “Auntie has known you your ENTIRE life,” it made me chuckle since he is 23.5 months old — but it’s true.  I first met them at Christine’s maternity shoot and now, I could see KJ’s personality emerge, and it is so cool!  Already, I know he is enamored by cars and trains and everything-construction.  He likes things in their place, including trash in the cans.  He is polite and a great sharer.  Daddy is his best friend and mommy gives the best cuddles.  Whenever I walked away to shoot from behind something, he would get up to look for me.  He loves knowing where everyone is at all times.

By the end of the shoot, we became buddies (heehee), and I am already looking forward to seeing this darling family next year!  ❤️



san-francisco-lifestyle-children-photography-toddler-with-giant-smile-when-retrieving-soccer-ball  san-francisco-lifestyle-photography-purple-cabbage-looking-plants




san-francisco-lifestyle-family-photography-father-throwing-toddler-into-air-in-city  san-francisco-lifestyle-children-photography-toddler-boy-in-striped-sweater-pointing



Some behind-the-scenes shots of me and my buddy:  :)

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Commercial Photography: Be Yourself

Photographing people in an authentic way is my favorite kind of portrait.  So when I was hired for a Commercial Shoot to get headshots of individuals who need help getting back on their feet, it seemed outright wrong to shoot traditional headshots.

So instead, this is how it went down…

Me You can hang out here and chat.  You don’t have to smile or even look at me.  Just be yourself.
Everyone Oh, I can do that!

Check out Shoot #2 of LifeMoves.  [Click here to see Shoot #1.]  I am in love with the realness in their faces.

Some people still chose to smile or look at me while others remained serious.  Some showed grit and strength in their eyes.  Some revealed hope.  And all were true to themselves, which is all I can ask for.  ❤️



san-francisco-bay-area-commercial-photography-lifemoves-male-resident-standing-in-backyard  san-francisco-bay-area-commercial-photography-lifemoves-man-leaning-back-in-bench


san-francisco-bay-area-commercial-photography-lifemoves-blind-woman-with-cane-in-garden  san-francisco-bay-area-commercial-photography-lifemoves-smiling-man-in-hoodie-sitting-outside


san-francisco-bay-area-commercial-photography-lifemoves-pensive-woman-sitting-on-walker-outdoors  san-francisco-bay-area-commercial-photography-lifemoves-pensive-woman-closeup


san-francisco-bay-area-commercial-photography-lifemoves-woman-sitting-on-bench-in-backyard  san-francisco-bay-area-commercial-photography-lifemoves-woman-with-updo-closeup