A Special Christmas Wedding

On Christmas Day, Santa brought my 5 year old daughter a white Zhu Zhu Pet that she named Miss White.  (The name wasn’t very inventive, but hey — she’s five!)  Melia was so happy that Santa “was watching” to know she had good behavior this year and that he read her October letter that stated her desire for this specific toy.

The rest of that day consisted of creating a wedding between Miss White and Mr Nugget (the orange Zhu Zhu Pet she received last Christmas).  From the clothes to the lavender for Inch, the Flower Girl worm, Melia and her stepsister Kaitlyn spent hours upon hours creating the perfect little wedding that I could not resist photographing!

Mr and Mrs Nugget’s wedding became a 2-day project.

Day 1 (Christmas Day): Designing and performing the wedding.

Day 2 (today): Creating a wedding photo album and slideshow.  I had such a blast doing this with them!!!

When I look at the photos or watch the video, I think of my creative girls… and I feel so much joy and love because of the fun we had and bond we shared during this project!

A Few Favorites

A view of the groom when Miss White was walking down the aisle…


Miss White and Mr Nugget just tied the knot and are now about to cut their wedding cake...


One of their Bride and Groom Portraits taken after the ceremony:  It was under the trees and next to a fountain…  (Are you laughing yet?!!)


The Wedding Slideshow

Click on this image to take you to the YouTube video:

Screen shot 2010-12-26 at 9.46.46 PM

Click on the arrow to view the slideshow here:

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