My Triangle Friend

When I find something cool, I like to share it with others.  What goes around, comes around, right?

So my latest cool finding is this gigantic triangle-shaped gold reflector.  I just got it in the mail and will be heading off on a family vacation in a few hours.  With so much time to spare (HA!), I thought I’d take a few snaps to show you what this photography accessory can do.

This is just a quick example, so don’t mind how my littlest monkey is wearing clashing colors.  I made her take a break from her “tea party” to be my model.

Window Light Only  VS.  Window Light + Gold Reflector

Can you tell the difference?

My nifty assistant of the day (my 5-year old son, Ian) held the reflector on the other side of the room to bounce light from the 2nd window to Ava’s left side (right side of the image).  If I wanted more dramatic light, I could have the reflector closer to my subject.

Triangle Reflector with Grip

It must have been a photographer who came up with this design!  The rubber grip and straps will come in handy on windy days.

Larger Size = Greater Versatility

I have a medium-size round reflector, which I bring to all my home shoots.  It works well for my newborn photography shoots, teen shoots, and corporate headshots.  However, a round reflector doesn’t work for full body photos or portraits where there are multiple people.  Hence, the need for my jumbo triangle friend!

Check out the size of this handsome dude.  The reflector is actually slanted here, but you get the idea.

My triangle friend is over FOUR FEET tall.  It must have taken vitamins and worked out.  😉

Click here for the product details, if you want to check it out.  I got mine through Adorama.

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