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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Cute and little.  Just like my monkeys.

One of the products I’ve had for awhile, but realized recently that I haven’t blogged about yet, is proof books.  You can get one for any type of shoot: family, newborn, maternity, event.

The proof books I offer are bound with a heavy spiral and have a thick flexible backing and cover.  It’s like a little brag book.

I love these little books so much that I order them for my own personal photos, like the one shown here, is of my pregnancy and birth photos of my little Ava.  I have a bunch of these books and flip through them all the time.

The reason why I print proof books for myself, in case you’re wondering, is because I have soooooo many photos of my family.  We’re talking six figures!  There is no way I can make albums of all of them or even attempt to find a select few to place in an album.

So instead, I print each “event” into these little bound books.  Voila!  A mini album for me to gaze at lovingly.  🙂

With most images being digital these days, it is really important to have your favorites printed.

Whether the images are in an album or as artwork on your walls, there is something so much cooler about being able to touch a physical product.

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