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Soul Mates’ San Francisco Wedding

For Psi and Helen, it was love at first sight.  Some of you skeptics may not believe in that, but if you met these two, you would know that soul mates do exist!

I truly believe you can meet thousands of people or just a handful, and you can be of any age… When you find your soul mate, you’ll know!

Here is a sneak peek from yesterday’s magical wedding in San Francisco.

A Few Details



Becoming a Bride


I love Lynette’s tats!  It creates a nice contrast to Helen’s softly made up face.


I couldn’t resist this top-down perspective!


When Helen’s dad came to the dressing room, it was emotional for Helen… and then for the rest of us too!

It was incredibly touching to see the bond and feel the love Helen shared with her dad.


The Gown


The Kiss

One of the many things that I loved about this wedding was how personal every aspect of it was.  Almost everyone involved with the wedding was a friend:  the wedding coordinators, Robin and Michael; the officiant, Colleen; the hair and makeup artist, Lynette; and also the florist and the pastry chef of their wedding cake!

So, in this photo, I love how you can see Colleen in the heart-shaped space created by Helen and Psi kissing.  It is very meaningful.

And not to worry, Helen and Psi!  Not every photo of you kissing at the ‘alter’ has Colleen in the middle!  🙂


Happy Tears


The Best Expression of the Day!


The Newlyweds


“Snow White in the Enchanted Forest”


“Being Present” with Each Other

Psi and Helen often spoke of “being present” during their wedding and in how they live their lives.  I wanted to incorporate that philosophy into one of their bride and groom photos!

I have a few variations of this shot, but they are all of Helen and Psi being present and still with each other while the World — the bridal party — move around them.


Congratulations, Mr and Mrs M!  And thank you for choosing me to capture one of the most precious and memorable days of your lives!  XOXO!  ~Annie

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