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My name is Annie Tao. I am a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in lifestyle photography where you get to play, hang out, and be yourself. I capture the moments, real emotions and stories that occur during our time together. Check here often or subscribe to my blog (RSS feed) to see what I am up to or get creative inspiration. Thanks for visiting!

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The Buzz

My Philosophy

I scoured through thousands of my client photos and pondered my philosophy on photographing people.  What I realized was that my philosophy was incredibly simple.

Looking at all these gorgeous faces and families, my heart melts a little.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.   ~annie

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In Awe of Kina

When you think “kid”, you think about how cute they are when they learn something new, like ride a bike or learn to read.  Skip.  Brush their own teeth.  Maybe even do a cartwheel.

But then there’s Kina.

Seeing Kina move in her poetic, effortless, athletic way… I forget she is only 12.  Twelve!  All I see is a talented dancer.  Like a seasoned athlete, Kina was able to make mesmerizing shapes during her photoshoot with the challenges nature and I gave her…

Fit inside a hole in the rock, make inspiring shapes, and don’t mind the red fire ants.  Done.  Climb to the top of that giant rock, go to the edge, and create interesting lines…oh, and try not to fall to your death.  Check.

And when we hopped over to location #2 for some grassy, playground photos, the sun had disappeared and the wind picked up, leaving the temperature 25 degrees cooler.  And she was in a leotard.  Dance elegantly and pretend you’re not freezing.  I was shivering.  For Kina, no problem.

The part that gives me butterflies and makes my eyes water (they’re leaking as I’m writing this) is that I’ve known this amazing person since she was a baby!  She was the cutest little chubby-cheeked baby with a full set of dark curly hair.  Now with her talent mixed with hard work and dedication, she is dancing with the best of them and learning from famous choreographers.

I am in awe.




East-Bay-dance-photography-dancer-smiling-headshot  East-Bay-dance-photography-dancer-laughing-headshot


East-Bay-dance-photography-dancer-with-sheer-fabric-on-giant-rock-BxW  East-Bay-dance-photography-dancer-with-sheer-fabric-on-top-of-giant-rock-BxW



East-Bay-dance-photography-dancer-ballet-pose-at-park  East-Bay-dance-photography-dancer-leaping-with-hair-flying-park

Yoga Breaths

Supna and I talked about how we taught our children to take deep breaths when they feel angry, frustrated, sad…  Yoga breaths.  This is also important for us adults to do because our lives are filled with busy schedules and packed To Do lists.  As we get older, doesn’t it feel like the years are passing quicker than when we were younger?  It is philosophically unfair, but c’est la vie.

So what can we do?

Take yoga breaths.  Look at the colors and smiles around us.  Listen to the music and laughter.  Taste good food.  Smell pretty things.  Hold hands.

And that’s what Supna and Parag did during their visit to San Francisco from Florida for Parag’s big milestone birthday.  (It also happens to be their 15 year wedding anniversary AND their first adult vacation since having triplets!)  They enjoyed the Farmer’s Market, the sites and sounds of their favorite city, and, best of all, each other.  <3




San-Francisco-lifestyle-photography-floral-stand-at-farmers-market  San-Francisco-lifestyle-couple-photography-couple-looking-down-ferry-plaza



San-Francisco-lifestyle-photography-woman-laughing  San-Francisco-lifestyle-photography-succulents-at-farmers-market




Dinosaur Head

Stories by the garden, leaf races at a waterfall, songs while climbing a giant tree on the cliff.  These were some activities The H Family had this past weekend, just to name a few.  However, I bet if we asked Max, the expert 3-year old rock collector, he would say the best part of the photoshoot was finding a rock the shape of “a dinosaur head”!

Or maybe it was picking up one of the other 50 rocks and sticks that adventurous morning.  ;)

It was so fun to play with Chase and Max, to see how much they have grown, and to catch up with their parents, Nichole and Clark!


East-Bay-lifestyle-children-photography-young-boy-smiling-with-one-hand-in-pocket  East-Bay-lifestyle-children-photography-boy-looking-down


East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-woman-in-blue-looking-up-into-soft-light  East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-fuzzy-white-flower-thingies-by-lake


East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-wild-flowers-by-rock  East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-waterfall-closeup