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We absolutely love our photos!  WOW!!!  You are pure talent!  We thought we saw the best from the sneak peek but there were so many more photos we love (actually, ALL of them!)

~ Thaomy, San Francisco

Totally crying right now.  I love them so much.  There are just some completely breathtaking shots of Clara.  I can’t get over how much of her spirit you’ve captured.  The picture of the two of us laughing while fishing is what practically made me sob.  Annie!  They are just so beautiful.  I’m trying to figure out what my favorite of Clara and favorite of Greta is.  That picture of Greta on Pete’s shoulders with the light coming through…ahh!  I could just go on and on, Annie.  They are spectacular and will be so cherished.  One of the things we are most looking forward to about our move is adorning our new place with our new photos.

~ Erin, San Francisco

OH MY GOD.  Annie.  These are so incredibly gorgeous.  I didn't think there was any way my goofy family could possibly be as photogenic as the other families I have oogled over on your website...but somehow, you made us look like we belong!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am sitting in a work meeting and almost in tears, I can't get over these images, and I just keep clicking through the slides! I will gather myself and place an order ASAP...probably 29372987 copies of each image!

~Alyson, San Francisco


I don’t know how you capture the magic so consistently.  Every time!

~ Julie, Mountain View


I’m in tears…happy tears.  You got me good.  Jose and I absolutely LOVE all the photos.  Jose, Riley and I so appreciate your time and effort for doing this super early for us.  WOW.  I can’t believe you finished the gallery.  We cannot thank you enough.  Oh, may I add the music that you added just did it for me.  TEARS just started flowing.  Annie!  You are such a talented individual.  OMG!  A million thanks…

~ Ria, Hayward


Thank you so much for bringing your talent into our lives!  We love our photos and will cherish them for the rest of our lives!

~ Kristin, Burlingame

The images look fantastic, and I can’t wait to see them in place. Thank you so much for hard work and sensitive touch with the students. It really shows in the images.

~Charlie, City College of San Francisco [Commercial Photography]

Wow, Annie, what kind of super-juice have you been drinking, because these pics are awesome! I can't say enough about how professional and fun Annie was during the shoot, she had a great way about working with the kids and really super-creative about how she takes her shots and gets her lighting (which is why I chose her in the first place!).

~Hansel, The Coder School [Commercial Photography]


There is a quality of seeing that emerges after looking through the eye of a camera that I’ve myself experienced.  Now I know there is a quality of beingthat is enhanced after having someone like you take your picture.

~ Tatiana, San Francisco

Oh Annie – they are gorgeous!! SO GLAD I HIRED YOU! Bucket list item fulfilled – have wanted to work with you for so long. Can’t wait to see them all. I knew you would work your magic as I certainly felt funny being photographed – ha ha. Thank you!!

~Amy, A Clear Way [Commercial Photography]

ANNIE! Honestly, you take the pictures that I dream of having…and the fact that you’re so incredible at capturing all the little moments that immortalize the big memories we’ll always treasure is invaluable. THANK YOU.

~ Roberta, Palo Alto

OMG these are AMAZING!!!!!!  I’m sitting at work right now and trying to not start crying because these photos are just beyond amazing!!!  I can really see the love you put into each one of these and it’s like living the morning again but with even more emotion for me!  Each photo truly is artwork, it’s not just a picture that was taken and the things you captured are just perfect!  It’s so hard to get Melanie to smile into the camera but that’s all I see here!  And you captured so many precious moments that we never have been able to capture before and have always wanted to!

~ Christy, Palo Alto

We are absolutely BLOWN away by the gallery!!!!! You just have no idea.  There really is no way for us to put into words how awesome you are at what you do.  Speechless (for once).  We literally cannot get through the first 10 of these photos without being brought to tears.   If you tried to make us not cry, we wouldn’t be able to do it!  The good tears is such a perfect description, and you captured the emotion of the day so well!!  We couldn’t have asked for anything more. Again, you surpassed our every expectation, and we can’t thank you enough for being so thoughtful and getting to know us and our love.  As one of our friends said, “you hit the jackpot finding that photographer!”  We could not agree more! We are so grateful!!!

~ Brooke, Columbus Ohio [Wedding Photography]


We love, love, love the pics!! How do you manage to make us look so good?!

~ Julia, Berkeley

You don’t just create memories for us. You create experiences that we hold near and dear to our hearts. I fondly remember all of our family shoots with you and it was so fun to relive some prior moments with you! You are truly a gift, and we love you!!

~E.Chuang, San Carlos


You are like SF’s little gem!

~ Michele, Los Angeles

Annie, these photos are absolutely radiant! I just finished my first pass, and it's like magic to see each select in it's new home.

Thank you so much for your expertise on this project. As always, love working with you.

~Rochele, Stop Waste [Commercial Photography]


HOLY GUACAMOLE ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You did it AGAIN, tears of joy in my eyes…. The pictures are beautimus!!!!!!!!!!  Oy vey, every single one better than the other…. I have goose bumps, literally!!!!!!  Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Once I stop watching the slides in total amazement, I will think about prints.  But, man, I am in love with the pictures, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

~ Gina, Livermore

We absolutely love, love, LOVE the photos!!!! We were so anxious to view the photos. Nyaah was so engaged with the photos when we were viewing them. You have a talent not just with photography, but with kids. We feel like we found a friend in you.  Thank you Annie for the memories you created for us.

~ Michelle C, Milpitas


You are AMAZING!!! I love them and am once again blown away at your artistic genius!! Thanks so much Annie!!!

~ Frank Tate, SuperFranks [Commercial Photography]

STUNNING! Wow. These are just amazing. Thank you again for coming through in such a wonderful way. I can’t wait to see these out in the world. It’s always such a pleasure working with you. Thank you.

~CC, Stop Waste [Commercial Photography]


From our last photo session, we had no doubt in our minds how talented you are, so we had very high expectations. Please know that you FAR exceeded our expectations! I’ve gone through the pictures a gazillion times already and I just can’t stop! Honestly, I cannot believe how many wonderful pictures you captured, just from running around with us at the park! You captured the personalities of all three kids, and you were somehow able to do this in just a couple of hours. I haven’t been able to do this in an entire year’s time! Don’t even ask me which ones are my favorites because I just have too many right now. You really have a unique and exceptional vision for capturing moments, moments that most people would have thought to be ordinary or forgettable, and you captured these moments so beautifully and artistically. You are amazing, and we forever remain your biggest fans!

~ Emi, San Carlos


For me, working with you is not just about the pictures, but about how fun and funny and awesome you are.

~ Lili, San Francisco


Annie, OMG! These photos are amazing!!! You did a wonderful job!!!!! I’m still in an awww. You are the best!

~ Tessie, San Francisco


You are extraordinary. You have a real photographer’s eye – no surprise to you but your sense of movement, balance, framing, and people are flawless.  You could see into the moment with these photos – and I have only seen the tip of the iceberg but I had to let you know how impressed I was with what I have seen already.  You are an artist.

~ David, Menlo Park


Annie, when I first met you I realized that you were different (in a good way). You always seek the unusual and never stop short of being adventurous. But I truly believe that God has blessed you with a calling in photography. To simply put everything in a nut shell, your work is ………….Amazing! Continue to do what you do best, instill fond memories in people’s lives!

~ Benny, San Mateo

(Annie) is my favorite all-time photographer. Even better than my wedding photog who was incredible. You’re in the best possible hands!

~ Jami, Danville


I have not taken my eyes off the sneak peek photos lol! we are just in awe of how beautiful the photos are!  Annie, thank you soo much for today, what a memorable experience for all of us and we owe it all to you and your keen eyes!

~ Janine, Daly City


Annie – I keep coming back to your blog to goggle at this little girl, although maybe that is why I do. Seeing Caitlin in the pictures all grown up has me thinking that she is no longer that tiny cuddly girl I brought home from the hospital all those years ago. I see her every day, in the morning with messy hair, at night when she is complaining about homework, laughing with her little brother, but until your pictures, I hadn’t noticed… she has transformed. Gosh, I’m not ready for this… My mother issues aside, your magical eye has captured the mystery of this young woman, playful and curious, serious and sensitive, so brilliantly. Thank you hardly seems enough, but it’s all I have. Now, to go find those tissues and some fairy dust to see if I might turn time back.

~ Brenda, Walnut Creek


Thank you for taking time to get creative with Ryan! The first photo session he’s ever enjoyed!  When Bobby sees them he’s going to get choked up. He’s emotional like that! We’ll see you again in 6 mo. for our next family photo session.  Thank you for all the love you put into your work. It shows!

~ Joann, Santa Clara


Thanks Annie! These photos are really amazing and select ones surely fit the artwork category.

~ Priti, San Francisco

We just love love love them!!! You did a fantastic job 🙂 Thank you! I love so many of them that I don’t have a favorite yet. I’m really glad we ended up doing a few outdoors. I love the ones of the babies in their little beanies. Thank you so much for the photos of Lucas with my Dad…these are definitely some of my favorites…I know my Dad will be really happy to see them 🙂 And, thank you for the photos with my brother…they are so meaningful to me. I love all of the solo shots of the babies too. I’m so happy you captured those along with all of the wonderful group shots…I could go on and on…thank you!

~ Lyla, Dublin


Fabulous shots! You truly have a gift for photography. We really enjoyed the shoot. Thanks very much – this was a most memorable trip thanks to you.

~ Fred, Saudi Arabia


Your pictures have made me realize what an art photography really is. You have such an amazing eye. Thank you so much!!

~ Rashmi, Pleasanton


Wow! I am speechless Annie! These are AWESOME! I LOVE this sneak peak! And yes, it totally confirms that it was a perfect photoshoot! You are incredibly gifted and creative in this field! Thank you so much! The lighting, colors, backdrop, expressions… all so captivating, vivid, beautiful and meaningful! I love reading your explanations and comments as well! I am blown away that all this was captured in such a short time! Amazing! And to think this is just a sneak peak… I can’t wait to see more! Annie, I am so grateful for this experience, but more importantly your friendship! =)

~ Brenda, San Mateo

These are the best pictures I’ve seen my son. I can never capture moments like you can. These pictures are sweet, LOVE them.

~ Cathryn, Livermore


We love the whole album! They are full of energy, movement, layers, and really catch the spirit and great passing moments…yes, we had so much fun doing this photo shoot. Thank for spending so much time on the post-processing…and the music! Love it! Once again, great work and many thanks!

~ Qing, San Francisco

wow, these look fantastic! i’m so glad we did it. the kids had a blast, and you can see it in the pictures. i can’t wait to share with my friends and family — i’m sure they’ll be contacting you for their own shoots! 🙂

~ Ellen, Los Altos


Wow Annie, we LOVE the pictures!!! Buckley shared the pictures with his co-workers and they all loved them too and many commented on how talented you are in capturing the perfect shots. Thank you so much for all the work and time you put into the photo shoot and the picture gallery. I could look at the pictures over and over a zillion times 🙂  You really have a special talent and gift. i’m going to go look at the pictures again!

~ Esther, Los Angeles


We LOVE the pictures. OMG, how do we choose???? Yikes!

~ Anna W, Belmont


OMG- can we talk about your stunning work!? It was such a treat to come home to this and share them. Your work is beautiful (just like you!) and you provided these so quickly! I have friends that got married in Sept. and have yet to receive anything. Everyone has commented on how you have capture our day, the laughs, tears, and fun we had. You have captured our hearts and I can’t even thank you!

~ Sherie, San Francisco (Wedding Photography)

I am so blessed to be able to see the wedding of my client through your lens & gorgeous photography!

~ Elizabeth Chang, Skyla Hair and Makeup [Wedding Photography]


Annie!!!! I’m speechless! You are sooo talented!!!! Thank you a million times!!!! These are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! Makes me so happy 😉

~ Jennifer G, Livermore


annie, these photos are AMAAAAAzin! we had such fun going thru these trying to decide which one’s we’ll use for what. also, i like your music selections…very nice. can you plan on doing his 6 months photos and 1 year photos? just ping me a month beforehand. so excited!!!

~ Soon, Burlingame


I can’t wait to put some of your art on my wall!

~ Angela, Livermore


Hi Annie, I love them!!!! There are so many cute moments captured. And the pictures I expected to be our large family photo (like with Foothill in the background) probably won’t be, since there are other shots that capture the moment so much more than the background I wanted — very exciting. Basically, I love them! Thank you so much, what a gift you have 🙂 Can’t wait to get the CD. We’ll def. be doing another session!!

~ Andra, Pleasanton [1st family photoshoot]


Wow!!! Steve, Brayden and I went through them last night and love them!!! This was much different than last Winter – I made a conscious effort to just let them have fun. I realize that’s a little harder for you since that means we’re always on the go! But you did a great job and we love the pictures – they really captured that day and how fun being a kid (and dog!) on the go can be. This experience is so fun and so easy – and we love the results. You’re able to capture how we see our babies, but couldn’t express ourselves. I love it! All for now, I’m going to watch the slideshow one more time 🙂

~ Andra, Pleasanton [2nd family photoshoot]


I think you are very gifted at taking pics of people. I think it must be very hard to do and we’ve had our share of professional photogs through the years for wedding, engagement, pregger pics, family pics etc. and you’re the best!

~ RN, Pleasanton

We’ve reviewed the gallery about 100 times now – LOVE them all. You did such a great job with them! I love the lighting, angles – everything.

~ Daina, Pleasanton


Oh Annie! They are absolutely beautiful! I love them. I think a photo shoot will definitely have to become a Mangolini family tradition. Thank you for spending the afternoon with us and taking such gorgeous pictures of the kids!

~ Yolanda, Palo Alto


WOW. Thanks!! The pictures look great!! You can tell we were all having so much fun! 🙂 There are so many that I like, it’s hard to say which are my favorite. I LOVE the B&W white of Ian by himself and his little doggy pressed against his nose. He does that all the time and I’ve always wished for a picture of him doing that. I know I will treasure that picture very much when he grows up and stops doing that. And the pictures of the three of us sitting on the tree branch are wonderful too. And I love the second to last picture of him with big eyes peering up at your camera. The expression in those last few photos are so geniune…I couldn’t believe he agreed when you asked if you could snap a few last pics of him. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can’t wait to send the gallery to our friends. I’ll definitely be recommending you to all our friends!

~ Elaine, Redwood City


wow, impressive and beautiful! i love it annie! there were so many shots i loved too, i am going to be viewing them over and over, again and again! i loved the unique angles, viewpoints… it was so interesting to see photos with subjects not perfectly centered! you couldn’t even tell it was so cold that day because we were all SO HAPPY! i am pleased beyond my expectations! thank you so much! you are awesome!

~ Brenda, San Mateo


The photos look fantastic. Too many to mark as favorites, I might need a digital frame to show them all!

~ Lordson, Los Altos


Thank you so much for sharing. I learn so much every time you post. Thank you! And you know what I learn more than anything? I learn about the love for this art, about the appreciation for special simple moments. And about how that transpires in each shot.

~ Carla P., Photographer


In my search for website photographs I came across some of the photo’s on your site and was moved to let you know how much I like them.  Your work stands out from the very many sites that I have stumbled across.  I love the way you capture a particular lifestyle, a mood, an emotion, the sense that you know how the people in the images feel, and that feeling a part of the picture (like you could talk to them).

~ Noel, U.K. Photographer


I am a lifestyle/portrait photographer in New York and just happened to come across your website. I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how amazing I think your images are. This is not something I usually do but your work made that kind of impression on me. I’m hoping to get more of clients to move away from plain portraiture to more lifestyle. You truly talented.

~ Diane, NYC Photographer


SO SO CUTE!  Le sigh.  I think I teared up a little.  :’)  Love you, Annie.  Thank you so much for capturing such beautiful images of us together.  They’re precious.

~ Irene, San Francisco


I hired Annie Tao to photograph my daughter, as I wanted to have her picture taken before she graduated from high school this past spring. I had found Annie’s name from a list of photographer’s doing a search on the web. What initially drew me to Annie was her website and I highly suggest that you take a look. She is an amazing photographer and is so gifted with a talent of capturing her subjects in the most creative way.


When we met for the first time on the day of the shoot, I was a little worried that my daughter would appear nervous about having her picture taken by someone she didn’t know. Annie is so warm and engaging, they hit it off immediately and I noticed how quickly my daughter felt more at ease. Annie made the photo session fun and created memories that I will treasure forever. I truly feel that her pictures had captured the essence of my daughter’s personality and I am in awe of her ability to do that.

From the time that I first corresponded with Annie by e-mail to when we received our pictures, Annie consistently demonstrated how much she cared about my needs. I tend to ask a lot of questions, maybe more than necessary but she was always thorough and thoughtful with her responses. What I especially loved about Annie was that she always explained why; maybe it’s just a natural instinct being she’s a mom herself but this definitely was a big plus in my book.  I appreciate it when things are explained rather than just telling me something will be done. She really cares about her clients.


You can tell Annie loves her work; she goes beyond not because it’s her job but she puts her heart and soul into every picture. I don’t believe there is a word in the English language that best describes what a wonderful person and photographer Annie truly is. If the best rating I can give her is 5 stars, then each star is equal to a gazillion stars. Annie is the epitome of what a great photographer should be and I look forward to using her services again in the future. She is the “BOMB” and my friend for life.

~ Donna, Martinez


Just saw our album, WOW the best images of us ever!!!  Amazing, I can’t wait to have them in frames and on the walls.  Thank you so much for your time and effort, it looks incredible.

~ Todd, Los Altos


I could look at these photos forever!  How is it that each photo session with you is better than the last when we thought the last was already our favorite?!

~ BF, Foster City

You are an amazing talent and this is priceless Art!

~ JL, Mountain View


First off, the photos are truly amazing – they are better than I could possibly have imagined! There is such a variety in the types of shots, the backdrops and the activities. The location was perfect, and you made it so much fun for the kids (and us!) that you were able to capture such genuine emotions. Normally I’m a lot more comfortable behind the camera, so now we finally have some family shots!

I have taken lots of photos of the kids, but even I got a little choked up looking at some of these, as I get to stand back and see them through someone else’s eyes. As you know better than most, sometimes you want to just to stop time and take in every aspect of a moment, and you have let us both do that.

~ Simon W, San Ramon


Seriously, we don’t know anyone else who can match your vision or artistry in capturing all these “less than a second” moments for us!  Each photo tells a different story.  Each photo prompts a different emotion.  Each photo is so truly special.  I know we were at the same garden, but incredibly, your photos of the garden capture something even more beautiful than what I remembered from that day!  How can that be?!  We really have no idea how you do it!  Please know that, from the bottom of our collective hearts, we are beyond grateful and appreciative!

~ EC, San Carlos

We love it!! You captured some truly authentic moments that really represent the dynamics of our family. You’re a true artist. Thank you Annie — you’re the best!!!
~JCF, Albany

There are so many honest and breathtaking moments in here.  Thank you for being there for this particular moment in our family, for being so gracious, and finding all the love and fun in little moments.

~EW, San Francisco

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