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about annie

I grew up in Massachusetts where shoveling my mailbox out of the snow was a normal way to spend a Winter morning and driving an hour in one direction meant I could end up in another State.

Once I moved to California for school, I couldn’t leave. I fell in love with the year-round sunshine and having access to beaches and mountains every day.


I value the top-level education I received at UC Berkeley, but the most important things I learned there was to be the best ME I can be and that everyone is capable of making a difference in other's lives.

While working in Marketing for 10 years, I volunteered to help children, like the UCLA Medical Center and Big Sisters of Los Angeles; then left the corporate world to become a teacher in San Francisco before starting my photography business over a decade ago. Now I volunteer my time at schools with positions like event coordinator and art director.

I have been painting with all kinds of mediums since I was a young child. It’s the Fine Arts that have shaped the way I compose my photographic images and influence how I see colors, patterns and light.

I love children, animals, coffee, and laughing. I believe experiences are always better than possessions. I believe we can always learn and grow. I believe beauty is all around us.


My life isn’t perfect, but it’s perfectly my life. And that’s what I capture during my lifestyle photoshoots. I don’t look for “perfect” moments; I capture the real ones… The ones that describe a relationship, show an emotion and tell a story. I'd love to tell yours.




clients include

articles for photographers

Kodak’s Featured Photographer

Tamron’s Featured Photographer

Design Aglow's Inspired Imagery Award

Starbucks TV Commercial

Top Portrait Tips of the Year

I Heart Faces Top 10 Winner

Best Photography Tutorial for Beginners

Love Inc. Magazine’s Top 10 Real Wedding

Professional Photographer’s of California     

Heidi Mauracher Award

Author for Digital Photography School

Best Maternity Photographer by Expertise for 2016, 2018, and 2021


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