Let’s Do It Again Tomorrow

This morning, I had the pleasure of meeting The R family for the first time.  The young boys, Nikash and Ishan, played with each other, their parents and me, of course.  Hey, I like playing games as much as kids!  🙂

At the end of their San Francisco Bay Area Lifestyle Family Photography session, Nikash asked if we could do it again TOMORROW!

OMG.  I love him!

Different Personalities

You can tell these brothers have different personalities just by the way they are walking past me.  Aren’t they precious?!!

Looking Up at Dad

A child looking at his parent is so endearing to me, so this image really hit a nerve.

In addition, I find the light so interesting:  the sunlight hit Nikash’s face because he was looking up while everyone else’s face was dark from looking downward.  The natural spotlight tells your eyes where to look.

Apples Aren’t Just For Eating

Ishan found this apple in the beginning of the shoot and brought it everywhere.  He held it, he played with it, he kept it safe.  Hee hee.

I love this shot because it not only reminds me of his love for this apple, but also, the light, his thoughtful expression, and his brother standing nearby gives this image extra deliciousness!

Brotherly Love

Nothing makes parents more gooey-with-love than seeing their kids hug and be sweet to each other (at least that’s true with me).

What makes this image editorial is that I shot it from behind the parents who were actually just watching me shoot the kids.

The Unplanned Certainty

This image tells such a sweet story.

You can feel the parents’ pure joy from the surprise hugs.  Seriously, I can look at this image all day!


I had so much fun with your family this morning.  So I guess I’ll see you again tomorrow???  Just kidding!  Please tell Nikash and Ishan that I look forward to playing with them again.



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  1. Jace

    Love all the pictures…
    i do have a question. For the first image, both the boy’s face are sharp in focus…when u take the shot, where do u aim your focus? Because 1 boy is in front and the other one behind…I’m just wondering where do you focus…Thanks..

  2. That’s a great question, Jace. I focused on one of the boys. Both boys are in focus because of the aperture setting. I had it on f/2.8. Had I chosen a larger aperture, like f/1.4, which I love to shoot at, then the focal plane would be narrower, which means only one of the boys would’ve been in focus.

    In a group, I usually focus on the person that is the most important (at least, in that particular shot). Then I choose my camera settings based on how I want that group shot to look (ie, do I want everyone in-focus or just particular people?) The smaller the aperture, the more in-focus everyone in the group will be.