I rarely have the luxury of having an extra set of hands with me on a shoot, unless it’s a mini shoot of my own monkeys and my husband is around.  (This is another reason why he is The Unlucky Spouse! ;))

My kids are used to having spontaneous mini shoots now and, strangely, I think they are starting to like it!  Just this month, they started asking me, “Mom?  Can you bring your photoshoot camera?”  Jaw-dropping!

Here are some behind-the-scenes images taken by my husband with his smart phone.  I was so excited that he took these because you can get a good sense of the environment and also see from where I am shooting in these shots.


Behind-The-Scenes #1:   (That’s me on the right side in grey and red.)

This is what I shot:

The next set is my favorite because you can tell from the behind-the-scenes shot that I had to get a little inventive.

There wasn’t much to work with!  Just dirt, little grass and lots of dried prickly plants.

Behind-The-Scenes #2:

This is what I shot:

Then I went to the left side where I could climb into the prickly plants.  I wanted my Mia cat to look like she was sneaking around in the grass.  Once I was in position, I told her that she (a cat) heard a noise, and she acted that out.  She was so believable, it was uncanny.  Meow.

I visualized these images before I took them, so I knew how to set my camera and knew what angles to take them.  There is something super satisfying about photography when you capture the shots that you envisioned. 

Happy shooting, my friends!


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  1. Annie,
    Thanks so much for sharing with us! You are such an inspiration to me! Your statement “there is something super satisfying about photography when you capture the shots that you’ve envisioned.” So very, very true! I get a flutter in my heart and want to say “Booyah” or do my best imitation of the karate punch that Dr. Peter Benton does in the opening credits of ER! LOL

    If you ever have a reason to photograph in Ohio please let me know, I would love to follow you around like a fly on the wall!

    ~ Stella

    • We are a lot alike then because I say “booyah” and like to do karate punches and kicks (in my MIND, that is). I don’t really know karate. I just like to be silly and watch my husband smile and shake his head in disbelief. 😉

      Thanks for your comment, Stella.

  2. Toni S.

    Why are you so awesome!?!?!? I love everything about you and what you do!!! Thank you! 🙂 TS

    • I am not awesome. I just believe in sharing the little that I know with others. If one person finds inspiration in it or learns something, then it makes all the work in putting myself out there worthwhile!

      Thank you for your compliment, Toni! YOU are awesome for leaving me a comment. 🙂