Preteen Model Ryan

This handsome little man is Ryan.  Ryan is 8 1/2 years old.  And he is a model.

Today we updated his model portfolio since he has changed so much since last year’s shots.

He had many outfit changes to show his range and ability to model different styles.  Poor Ryan… it was only 50 degrees out today!

Here are some of Ryan’s many looks…


DSC_5767bg DSC_5852bg

Casual and Sporty

DSC_8451bg DSC_5988bg

A Teethy Smile!

Ryan didn’t like to give open smiles that showed his teeth, so Susan (Ryan’s mom) and I had to make him laugh, so he’d forget.

I think he looks especially handsome in this photo.  And I loved how his hair and eyes look with that orange shirt!


Mr. Personality

Modeling — for both children and adults — is more than just being good looking; it’s about showing personality too!

Personality needs to show in your model portfolio, so this is when it’s important to have a good photographer-model relationship, so that the model feels comfortable and the photographer can get the model’s personality to shine through in the face, in the body languange and in the eyes…


Classic, Yet Fun Portraits

DSC_8143bg DSC_8489bg

Non-Traditional Model Portraits

Typically portfolio shots show models looking straight at the camera, so that’s what we focused on.

But I really loved it when Ryan looked elsewhere because it showed a different angle of his face… one that looks more mature.  And Ryan looks natural and not posed, which is a nice perspective to have in a portfolio.

The BxW photo on the right is such a great model mood shot and looks like a catalog photo from J Crew for Kids.

DSC_6695bg DSC_6397bg

I loved Ryan’s long lashes, so that was my highlighted feature in the left photo.

The photo on the right is also not a traditional model portfolio shot, but I like Ryan’s body language.  He was playing with the football before we shot some more serious shots!  And I thought applying a texture would be cool for this one.

DSC_6578bg DSC_8611bg

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. OMG,too adorable! My fav, the one with the book. Love the eyes. Actually, I love ’em all!

  2. Susan (Mom)

    Annie these are awesome and I LOVE them all! I showed them to Ryan’s dad and he gave a thumbs up too! I’m really looking forward to our next shoot with Ryan’s brother.

  3. Lawrence

    Very nice shots! Good capture of the versatile looks that Ryan has and I do think that my favorite shots are for sure the black and white “mood” shots. You can already picture him as a teen! Well done!

  4. With Ryan’s charm and these photos, I know he’s going to be booking jobs left and right! Susan, get ready for the phone calls!

    And I am so happy that I’ll see you guys again soon for photoshoot #2… with Ryan’s brother!

  5. amy nguyen

    wow! GREAT shots and what a great model! these will surely help to get him booked up. LOVE the black and whites and think the texture one is so cool! watch his finger on the book shot, though! LOL

  6. Yes, Amy – I noticed his finger position too (only after I was going over his “film”), but it doesn’t bother me too much. If he were a teen, it’d be different… but Ryan is 8, so I know that was unintentional and just the way a kid holds his book!

  7. Susan (Mom)

    I noticed Ryan’s finger position too but not right away. When I pointed it out to him, he was soooo surprised and embarrassed as well. He said “Mom, I didn’t do that on purpose!” (which of course I know he didn’t, he just knows what it means unfortunately). We all got a good chuckle out of it. I’m wondering if all of those book shots had his finger in that position?

  8. amy nguyen

    i love the book shot so much that the finger position doesn’t bother me either! clearly, it’s unintentional so i don’t think anyone would be offended. i really like that he’s looking to the side rather than directly at the camera. and heck, that finger position just may make that shot a bit more memorable to casting agents, right!?