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The Freckles Shoot

My creative visualization for The Freckles Shoot started a year ago.  That either makes me an incredible procrastinator or an incredible planner!  Let’s just say it’s the latter, okay?  😉

I’ve known Abigail and Sarah for a few years and have always marveled at their freckly faces.  More recently, I made mental notes on how to best photograph their individual features.

A week before the shoot, I started sketching and collecting items for this Styled Shoot.  Since my focus was their freckles, the images were tight shots of their heads or a portion of their faces, so I didn’t over-complicate images with a lot of props or patterned clothes.

The shoot itself took a little over one hour, which included walking around, changing hair styles and tops, and… making a turban!

While I was editing the photos the next day, I was like a kid in a candy store with my poorly-suppressed squeals.  There is so much satisfaction in creating images that I’ve had stored on my mind.  This calls for a ‘happy dance’!  I hope no one is watching – haha.

[Tip to Photographers:  When your job is also the thing you love, try to do at least one personal project each year to nourish your creativity.]


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