The Fish Tank

I had the privilege of being one of the first to see Super Franks‘ new Taught Town play area for little ones, called Fish Tank!

When you enter the Fish Tank, you enter the mystical underwater “room”, which takes up most of the upstairs floor.  And just like the former golf course, this play area is entirely glow-in-the-dark, which the kiddies will love.

The room is not yet open to the public.  There are still cool things that need to be installed and moved in!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Fish Tank…

Some of the Coolest Murals

And check out those mini jet skis for tykes!  I know my little monkey would be all over that!


Not Just Fun, But Comfort Too

There will be the same luxurious leather club chairs for the parents’ comfort as in the other rooms at Super Franks.  Ahhhh… nice!


“Underwater” Fun

Now who wouldn’t want to ride a sea turtle?!


Unsuspecting Models

These two little girls peeked at the room with their mom, and I just happened to need kid models for a couple shots!  These girls were adorable.





The submarine is in turbulent waters!  Hold on tight!  Tee hee.


A Beach… in Pleasanton



Coming Soon!


The Fish Tank Party Room


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  1. Love this!! What a great idea for a shoot and for a venue! Love the shots you got, especially the first two and the reflection shot!!

  2. Tracy Schlereth

    Fabulous! Great looking room, and wonderful photos, Annie!

  3. Shannon

    Wow! Thanks for the sneak peak!

  4. Michelle Cabrita

    Amazing photography and a what an awesome room! I can’t wait to have my daughter’s second birthday there!

  5. Heather Stark

    Great photos of an enticing new area of Super Franks.

  6. Stephanie

    Room looks great, can’t wait to take my son there!

  7. Aurelio

    Cant wait until the opening day! wow, is there going to be beach balls??

  8. This room is seriously cool! A play room that has lots of activities AND it’s glow in the dark! There will even be a “pool” that is made of foam, so the kids can jump in it! Crazy, right?!! Come visit when it’s open!

  9. Brenda

    They seriously need to open another one down here on the peninsula! We’d be there all the time! What an awesome place! Awesome photos Annie!

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