Review: Limited Edition BlackRapid RS-W1

STOP RIGHT THERE.  Yea, I mean you.  You’ll wanna hear this.

BlackRapid took my favorite single camera strap — the RS-W1 — and gave it a splash of color.  Now it is functional, comfortable AND fun!

What is BlackRapid going to think up next?!!

Last week, BlackRapid introduced their latest products:  The RS-W1 Colors.  These are limited edition straps, which means you shouldn’t wait too long to pick one up if you’re thinking about buying one.  Once they’re sold out, it’s hasta la vista, baby.

[If you aren’t familiar with these camera straps, read my latest post on the RS-W1 versus a split double strap.]

Limited Edition Colors

From left to right, the colors are:  Green Lake, Blue Ridge and Stone Way.


Sleek and Tough

The Limited Edition W1 Color straps have the same top quality materials as the regular RS-W1:  Stainless steel hardware, ballistic nylon.


Sexy Curves

Like the regular RS-W1 straps, these limited edition straps have the same sexy curves that are made for a woman’s body.

Let’s face it.  Most women want to be treated equally to men, but there are some things that make women different than men, like our bodies.

I am so grateful for companies, like BlackRapid, who have stepped up and embraced these differences by making products that are tailored for women.   


On Real Women


Product Review Summary

My Overall Impression: “Niiiice!”

Evaluation of the Limited Edition colors: The colors are even cooler than I expected.  For the same reason why I like Metallic Paper for my prints, I dig the metallic-like sheen of these colors.

Final comments/Suggestions: I think it’s fantastic to offer the W1, a woman’s strap, in colors other than black.  What was a surprise to me was that the colors were all gender-neutral.  I would love to see some colors or patterns that are more feminine, like red and purple.  Maybe even a soft pink!  I can’t speak for all women, but sometimes, I enjoy being a girlie-girl.  🙂

[Pssst!  If you’d like one of these limited edition straps, I will be giving some away next week!]

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  1. sigfried baterina

    like the color of the stone way,too bad it was designed to fit the female body. my wife will surely love this for christmas!!!

  2. Bill Persinger

    Would love to have the Blue ridge to add to my camera so i can take pics on the fly.Thanks

  3. Kim Maxwell

    yep loving Black Rapids page too even thought I don’t have one of their straps yet 🙁 a friend let me borrow hers and I loved it.

  4. New fan and looking forward to reading your blog. Blue Please.

  5. Can anyone tell me what colour the Stone strap really is? It says teal and gray. To me teal is a blue-green colour although it looks grey in the photos. Would like to know before purchasing.

  6. Hi Anne,

    Stone Way is actually my favorite of the three. I didn’t know they’re describing the color as “teal and grey”! I wouldn’t call it teal at all. They’re all two-toned and Stone Way, in my opinion, looks more like a blue-ish silver and the other color is more like a charcoal (dark grey). It’s the strap that’s featured on the right side of the images on this blog post.

    Enjoy your purchase! If you’re not fully happy with it, I know BlackRapid has amazing customer service, so you really can’t go wrong. I love all of my BlackRapid products!