A Change is Coming

A change is coming to the corporate world in terms of photography.

Businesses are moving away from stock photography for their websites and marketing materials, and corporate head shots are also getting a makeover.

The new chapter for head shots is to have them look and feel more personable.

From a marketing standpoint, you want to know whom you’re going to work with when you look at a photo of someone. You don’t want to see a person standing or sitting in front of a sterile blue or stark white pop-up background, for instance.  Nothing stiff or stale.  You also don’t want to see a low quality selfie taken with a phone.  There’s nothing professional about that.

This morning, I photographed these two men in the lobby of a hotel.

East-Bay-Commercial-Photography-corporate-headshots-man-with-goatee-2  East-Bay-Commercial-Photography-corporate-headshots-man-with-newspaper-1

This is what it entailed:  They brought their morning coffee, their smart phones, a newspaper, printed workflows and a pen.  Then they chatted with each other across the table.

The result:  relaxed and natural head shots.

East-Bay-Commercial-Photography-corporate-headshots-man-in-lavendar-2  East-Bay-Commercial-Photography-corporate-headshots-man-with-goatee-1

By the way, this was my other view:  a cute little girl playing with my iPad!

My littlest monkey came with me to this super short shoot.  (Can you say that 10 times fast?!!)  I am the luckiest girl to get kisses during the shoot and get to hold her hand afterwards.  🙂


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  1. Toni S.

    Very lucky with kisses and love after! 🙂 Question, is that a lens or a lens MUG on the table..? I have a lens mug and absolutely love it haha

    • Hi Toni,

      That is an actual lens! I didn’t know which one I’d use for the headshots (it depended on how much space I had to move around), so that one sat on the table. I DO, however, have a lens mug!!! It was a gift from a wonderful client who saw it and thought of me. She sent it with a big box of Starbucks coffee. Really lucky to have such thoughtful clients.

      What’s funny though, Toni, is that it’s hard for me to use the lens mug bec I get a tiny heart attack every time I see it! haha. It looks so real!!!

  2. Shabbir Rozi

    Dear Annie Tao.
    Your all photographs are fabulas and I am your fan from pakistan. Infact I am a hobby photographer, and I have learned photography from dps, by reading your articals on dps.thanx for your articals those are a lesson forbignners like me.

    • I am so glad to hear that you are getting a lot out of DPS and now my blog, Shabbir! YAY! Happy shooting and hope to see more of you in the comments and posts. 🙂