Fairytale Shoot

I am the kind of parent who wishes she could stop time, so I can enjoy my kids while they are young… for a little longer.  So you can imagine how I feel when my monkeys have their birthdays!

On Mia and Ava’s birthdays last month (they turned 9 and 4, respectively), there was smiling and hugging, singing and cheering, gift-opening and cake-eating.

But when the days ended, I would reminisce by looking at their baby photos and share with my husband some of my memories of when they were babies.  For the zillionth time.   😉

A luxury (or is it a consequence – haha) of having a Photographer for a mom is having photoshoots.  I have a dedicated shoot for each child after their birthdays to commemorate their year.

This year, I combined the girls’ birthday shoots into one styled shoot.  I had a fairytale theme in mind for months, so I began planning long ago.  I started by making floor-length princess skirts, then added elements that represented each of their interests.

[Note:  As with every shoot, there are always things that you can’t plan for that happen, so you have to learn to roll with it.  In this case, it was the Super Wind, which messed up their hair and blew flowers right off of Mia’s head!  omg.]








East-Bay-styled-children-photography-young-girl-on-walkway-BxW  East-Bay-styled-children-photography-preschooler-listening-to-music-with-a-headset-closeup



Though I am a bit sad to see them grow so fast, even more so, I am proud of who they are and flooded with joy that I get to be their mom!

Having these annual photos helps me remember all the details, which makes me smile.  Always.

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  1. Annie, this is such a beautiful shoot.
    What a wonderful way to celebrate with your girls.. and to remember.
    Thanks so much for your inspiration. I have a new fave photographer today!
    Glad to have found your site 🙂

    • Hi Robyn,

      Sorry I didn’t see your comment until now. It has only been 2 months! omg. <:O

      I am DELIGHTED to the core that you find my work inspirational… and to be called one your "new fave photographer" makes me ecstatic!!!! I hope I can continue to provide you with inspiration.

      Happy shooting,