Commercial Photography: The Coder School

I met this guy in College who told me I apologized too much.  My response was:  “Sorry?  What did you say?”  haha…just kidding.  But it wasn’t far from the truth.  So I’m going to make it a point to NOT apologize for this super duper long blog post!  And I’ll tell you why…

This after school program I photographed was so cool:  The Coder School.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, The Coder School offers a variety of coding classes to kids and teens.  Knowing how to code has changed from giving people an edge to being a basic building block necessary to excel in many professions.

I photographed several classes, hung out with the founders and some of the managers, watched the coaches make their classes fun, and pulled out a few solo students for a marketing campaign.  There is a lot to share in this Sneak Peek… and I’m not sorry.  :)

East-Bay-commercial-photography-the-coder-school-building-sign  East-Bay-commercial-photography-young-boy-working-at-computer




East-Bay-commercial-photography-teen-girl-with-long-hair-looking-confident  East-Bay-commercial-photography-code-class-closeup-hands








East-Bay-commercial-photography-code-student-laughing  East-Bay-commercial-photography-coding-school-for-children-and-teens



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  1. Thanks for the candid photos. You captured my son having fun with Adel which I knew but reinforced how much the Coder School means to my child, Stephen.

    • Your son, Stephen, was such a trooper! He even let Lynna fix his hair – heehee. Adel is a great coach, and he made everyone laugh. I’m so glad to hear that Stephen likes The Coder School. They have great programs, but even better, they have great people! :)

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