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Commercial Photography: How to Think

"Everyone should know how to program a computer, it teaches you how to think!" ~ Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

The students, the coaches, and the staff at The Coder School in Berkeley were so fun to shoot and game to do anything -- and with a smile! Plus, no one gave me the side-eye when I had to get into weird twisty yoga positions to get a shot. haha

Just look at these photos. These are real smiles, real people (though they looked like hired models), and ambient lighting. You can feel the energy in the school, and it was this energy that I photographed. ❤️

[Since I haven't been accepting indoor shoots, I wanted to point out that everyone took the utmost precautions -- including getting a negative test result within 24 hours or upon entry, all windows and doors stayed open, all air filters were on, and staff were all vaccinated. Thanks, Lynna, for making sure everyone stayed safe so we can all be healthy. You were super awesome to work with!]

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