Commercial Photography: City College of SF

Perhaps you returned to school after you identified your passion.  Maybe life got in the way and you are now back on the path to earn your GED.  Whatever your story is, I applaud those who return to school because it takes a lot of tenacity and desire to grow to do that.

I met a few students from City College of San Francisco and had the privilege of capturing part of their lives with someone who supports or inspires them.  It was invigorating to hear their stories, and the culinary class made me want to take a class (and made me hungry).  😛

Here’s a peek of my 2-day Commercial Shoot with City College of San Francisco.  I can’t wait to see the ads around my favorite city!




San-Francisco-commercial-photography-City-College-husband-and-wife-students-sitting-on-step  San-Francisco-commercial-photography-City-College-husband-and-wife-students-sitting-on-step-2



Whoops, that’s my iced tea!  😉



San-Francisco-commercial-photography-purple-wildflowers  San-Francisco-commercial-photography-City-College-film-student-surprising-his-mother



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