Commercial Photography: Connections

When you live in the San Francisco Bay Area — one of the most expensive areas in the country — it can take a few or even one unexpected life change to put you in dire straits.  I’ve always believed this shocking reality.  People who find themselves in these situations can be anyone:  our teacher, our friend, you, me.  So my Commercial Shoot at LifeMoves, a nonprofit that helps individuals and families in these transition stages get back on their feet, was one of the most touching shoots I’ve ever done.

I concentrated on the relationships/connections, whether they are of family members who are residents at LifeMoves, of staff who work there, or of case managers with their clients.

They are the connections between people that make life meaningful.

And connections to helpful services, like at LifeMoves, is what we need sometimes. ❤️

San-Francisco-Bay-Area-commercial-photography-lifemoves-young-boy-melted-into-fathers-lap  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-commercial-photography-lifemoves-family-holding-and-carrying-each-other-by-housing



San-Francisco-Bay-Area-commercial-photography-lifemoves-case-manager-about-to-hug-girl  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-commercial-photography-lifemoves-case-manager-hugging-girl




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  1. Groups like LifeMoves are crucial in this world. Hard times, it really can happen to anyone.
    In Australia we have government services, but with robodebt and a government that thinks those on the dole are bludgers… well the government’s response to people struggling, frighteningly, is to dehumanize them. Society needs more pastoral care, instead of judgement.
    These Annie images are signature, plus something more. I can tell you were moved by this project.