20th Anniversary

Yesterday’s lifestyle photoshoot was special in many ways.

It was to commemorate a couple’s 20th Year Anniversary.  TWENTY!  Wow.

The shoot was also to capture their family life as it is right now.  With two children in College and their third on his way, Sue and Tommy will have an “empty nest” this year.  This is both an end of a precious chapter as well as a beginning of an important new one.

Sue and Tommy

Sam, Vicky and Michelle

The way they poked fun at each other cracked me up as well as each other.  I think I smiled through all the images while I was editing!

The last time I saw them was over 3 years ago when I was pregnant with Ava.  It was so cool to see Sue and Tommy’s “kids” grown up!

Family Time

Happy 20th Anniversary, Sue and Tommy! 

I bow down to you for reaching the 20 year mark with such grace and for raising three amazing individuals.  Thank you for choosing me to capture this slice of your life.



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