A 4 Year Old’s Order

Melia is standing next to me right now and ordering me to put her drawings on my blog!  No kidding!  I told her I can put it on my Facebook page instead, but nope… it had to be my blog!

I do think they are pretty fabulous considering the girl is only 4, and I wanted to bind them into a book.  But she wanted me to blog about it instead, so the World can see.

So here they are!

Melia In The School Playground with Kai & Ryan

I love how the kid on the slide is just there for background purposes, so she doesn’t have a face!


Super Ryan

For Ryan’s 5th birthday, we gave him a cape with an “R” on it.  Melia has never seen him wear it, but this is how she imagined he’d look!


Princess At A Party

Notice the party streamers?  What a fancy party!  😉


Happily Ever After

Over the past 3 days, Melia has been telling me a story about a Princess and a Prince who had struggles and challenges.  And in the end, they got married and lived happily ever after.  This drawing depicts the last chapter of her story.

I especially like the princess’s necklace and bracelets, and the prince’s tassle doohickeys on his shoulders!



Melia (we call her “Mia”) as a princess, which — trust me — she is!  🙂

Notice her special princess shoes with bows?  Really cute.


By the way, all of this is from her imagination.  She reads a lot of books and has a great imagination.  I am one proud momma!

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