A Headshot Makeover

I just had some friends over who needed a headshot makeover for their company website or, that’s what I told Kenny when he showed me his newly launched site.  Tee hee.

em Marketing is a marketing, consulting, contracting and coaching firm based in San Francisco.

Here are my top picks from their 5-minute corporate shoot (for each person) just an hour ago…

Ken Chen


My favorite is the top left photo.

The smile, the expression, the lighting, the colors — they all work together and he looks approachable, yet professional.  I look at that guy and I think, “Wait, is that Tate Donovan?” and then I decide I want to work with him!   🙂


Kathy Jung


Kathy gave me variety.  Even with a serious corporate headshot, you can change it up a little with different smiles or with the slight movement of your head.

My favorite is the top left photo, though she looks great in all of them.  I like the big smile one (bottom right), but more for a social or personal site, like Facebook.


However, the one Kathy should choose as her corporate headshot is….



(drum roll please)




Hee hee.

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