An Ordinary Day

It was an ordinary Sunday at the park…


I know what you’re thinking.  We ARE a nutty family!


Lawrence was trying to entice Ian to slide down.  He waved and cheered and smiled.

Ian peered down for a second or two, then turned around.  It was actually very humorous.  All that effort wasted.


My “first born”, Henry!  He is turning 11 years old this year.


I found the dried up vines interesting.  All the crazy vines against the hard cement walls and straight metal gate created an interesting juxtaposition.


The top of Melia’s hood.  She looked like a large ice cream cone!


While we crossed a street, I saw this perfectly round rock laying in the middle.

I had to LAY DOWN in the middle of the street to get this shot! I could hear Lawrence yelling from across the street that a car was coming and that I wasn’t being safe.  =:O

Getting squashed like a pancake in front of my kids probably wouldn’t be a good idea!

In the end, was it worth it?  Maybe not.  But I like taking risks with photography.  Sometimes the end result is super cool.


The top of this play structure was my nap area.  Well, it would have been if we stayed any longer!  It was toasty warm up there.


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